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How can I convert IBM Lotus Files to Outlook Without Installing Lotus Notes?

IBM Lotus and Microsoft Outlook are two of the most widely used email programs. However, in today’s competitive world, businesses want an email client that meets their requirements, and Microsoft Outlook is now the only application that meets all of these requirements. Outlook’s advanced features assist it to rank among the best email clients. It draws customers with user-friendly features NSF to PST converter with an easy-to-use GUI. Aside from its features, its data security management earns users’ trust. As a result, customers are looking for a simple approach to convert IBM Lotus files to Outlook.

Converting NSF to PST, on the other hand, is not a simple task because the two email applications employ distinct file formats to store their data.

What is the Best Way to Convert?

This is one of the most often asked queries by users, and the answer is no. You can’t convert an NSF file to a PST without first installing Lotus Notes. The files can be opened, but the data cannot be converted. So, here are some simple methods for converting data.

Reasons to Convert IBM Lotus Files to Outlook

  • Outlook’s user interface is more appealing and easier to use than Lotus Notes’.
  • Maintenance costs are lower with Outlook than with Lotus Notes.
  • Easy to Use: A non-technical person can immediately understand how Outlook works, whereas Lotus Notes is a little more complicated for non-technical users.
  • Manage Accounts: Users in Outlook can utilize several accounts, however, Lotus Notes users do not have this option. The IBM program can only manage one account at a time.

To convert an NSF file to a PST file, follow these steps.

The conversion of an NSF file to a PST file is broken into two parts, with two techniques available.

Method 1: Manually Convert NSF to CSV format.

The following steps can be used to manually convert NSF files to CSV format:

Step 1: Save the NSF Database as a CSV File.

  • Start the IBM Lotus Notes program.
  • To export, go to the File menu and select Export.
  • Choose where you want to save your file from the Export box.
  • Choose the ‘Comma Separated Value’ file format, give your file a name, and then click Export.
  • Select the desired choices from the CSV Export window and click OK.
  • At the specified location, the exported data will be saved in CSV format.

Step 2: Open Microsoft Outlook and Import the CSV File.

  • You must now import the CSV file into Outlook after exporting your NSF data.
  • Open the Microsoft Outlook software.
  • From the main menu, select the File tab.
  • Now select Import/Export from the Open & Export menu.
  • Select ‘Import from another program or file’ from the dialogue box, then click Next.
  • Select the ‘Comma Separated Values’ option from the Import a File menu and click Next.
  • To select the exported CSV file, tap Browse. Select an option from the Options menu and click Next.
  • To make any other changes, tap the Checkbox and then click Finish.
  • You will be able to convert IBM Lotus files to Outlook format after successfully completing the preceding procedures.

Manual Method Limitations

Though it is a good way to practice the manual method of exporting emails from Lotus Notes to Microsoft Outlook. However, there are a few limitations to consider while using the manual technique. The following are some of the restrictions:

It’s a long and complicated procedure.

The manual method of exporting Lotus Notes data into Microsoft Outlook necessitates some technical knowledge and is not recommended for inexperienced users.

Manual approaches are ineffective for exporting large NSF files. It limits when you can convert NSF to PST in bulk.

If the process is not carried out carefully, the risk of data loss and corruption is very high.

Method 2: NSF to PST Converter

NSF to PST Converter is a professional tool for converting IBM Lotus files to Outlook. It allows you to export all mailbox objects to Outlook PST format, including emails, attachments, contacts, calendars, and journals. It has a simple and intuitive UI that makes converting NSF to PST a breeze. This software can also assist you in overcoming the limitations of the previously mentioned manual method.

The Advantages of Using the NSF to PST Converter

  • Allow users to convert numerous NSF files at once.
  • Converts NSF files that contain Lotus Notes mailbox items back to their original state.
  • Allows you to save the converted NSF file in the following file formats: PST, MSG, RTF, EML, PDF, and HTML.
  • Before saving, you can see a preview of the transformed mailbox items.
  • Allow users to select and export specific mailbox items.
  • It merely takes three steps to convert an NSF file to a PST file.

NSF to PST Converter’s Extraordinary Features

The conversion that is both safe and secure

NSF to PST Converter converts NSF files to Outlook PST format safely and without losing data. This utility exports email, contacts, tasks, notes, and journals from the Notes mailbox to a PST file format.

Conversion in Bulk

This program is technologically advanced, and it can quickly convert many NSF files to PST format without affecting the original information.

Searching for files automatically

The auto-file search tool allows you to search your system’s NSF database files. If you don’t know where NSF database files are located, this tool will assist you to locate them by just typing their name into the search bar.

Option to see a preview

Before completing the conversion procedure, the Shoviv application allows you to see the entire NSF file data. Even if the file is damaged or corrupted, it will display the data.

A version of the Demo

This tool’s demo version allows you to convert IBM Lotus files to Outlook for free. Before purchasing, it is strongly advised that you download the free demo version. It will assist you in better understanding Software and its features. You can convert the first 25 items per folder using the demo version.

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