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Fake Rolex DIY rubber watch strap with every style guide

Story Highlights
  • Fake Rolex Green Water Ghost Watch
  • Fake Rolex black water ghost watch
  • Fake Rolex blue black circle watch

fake rolex has all kinds of ghosts,such as green ghosts,black ghosts,blue ghosts,etc.,and these ghosts are extremely popular,like green water ghosts,even if you have money,you may not be able to buy them.

But we know that Rolex ghosts are basically steel belts.

Although they are classic,sometimes we can’t stop us from wanting to be more colorful.

So sometimes we will change the straps for them.

Today I will introduce to you what Rolex ghosts look like with various rubber straps,and I will also give you a reference.

Rolex Green Water Ghost Watch

The first is the Green Water Ghost.

After all,it is the most popular among all kinds of fake rolex ghosts.

First of all,the Green Water Ghost has a green letter,and the green rubber strap is even more aggressive and youthful.

Of course,the green rubber strap we chose is not the kind of bright green.

Our green is calm and restrained,and it won’t be too ostentatious and childish.

The green water ghost with a green rubber strap is more youthful and fashionable than the original steel strap style,full of movement,and the rubber strap is more comfortable,perfect for swimming and diving.

More importantly,the effect of such a green water ghost is also very good.

Of course,although I have tried my best to choose a calmer green rubber strap,some people may still find it too aggressive.

Don’t worry,we can match it with a black rubber strap.

The versatile black tape is absolutely fashionable and calm.

Not only is there a black rubber strap,but if you like,you can also match it with a white rubber strap,especially for the old green water ghost.

The contrast between the black dial and the white tape is more striking.

But white is quite picky for men,do you have the courage to try it?

When it comes to green,it’s easy to think of red.

On the one hand,the two are complementary colors.

On the other hand,don’t we have the saying”red and green”?Although it is generally believed that red and green are too vulgar,vulgarity is elegance.

As long as it meets your aesthetics,what does it matter if you can hold it?It’s like pairing the Water Ghost with a red rubber strap.

Rolex Green Water Ghost Watch

Fake Rolex black water ghost watch

The black water ghost I am talking about here does not only refer to 116610LN,but also includes Wuli ghost.

The calendar ghost and sea-dweller watches are mainly because they are diving watches with black dials and black dials,as long as everyone understands this meaning.

The first choice of the Black Water Ghost must be the black rubber strap,which is harmonious and beautiful,and more dynamic.

As you can see,the black water ghost is seamlessly matched with the black rubber strap,and the hand effect is perfect.

It cannot be more casual when paired with a denim T-shirt.

Where there is black,there is white.

The black water ghost looks good with a white rubber strap.

I think it looks better than the green water ghost.

The black and white color scheme is enough to impress people.

It depends on whether you dare to wear it.

After all,white may be more flamboyant than green for men,so you have to be quite confident in yourself.

The color contrast of black and various colored rubber straps is also a style.

Here,there are two options for strikes:green and red.

No matter which one is,it is quite beautiful.

Rolex blue black circle replica watches

Rolex blue black circle replica watches

The replique rolex blue and black circle should not be called a ghost,but please don’t get entangled in this.

I mainly introduce to you the fake rolex after changing the strap.

The blue and black circle is very harmonious with blue rubber strap or black rubber strap in color,especially blue,which is very classic.

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