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Expert Guide about Skip Hire- Must Read This Right Now

Going to hire a skip is a good, easy method to get freed of your waste products fast and effectively. When clients hire one of the skips, one of the first things they think about is the size of skip they’ll need to fulfil the duty of getting rid of all their undesirable garbage. If you want to search for some skip hires, it is recommended that you search the web and just type skip hire Stretford.

Skip Size

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One of the most critical issues in skip hire is the size of the skip which fulfils your need. The needed skip size is generally determined by the quantity of rubbish you have and the available place on your premises. You don’t want to hire a skip that is too tiny since you’ll have to hire another or pay extra costs, but you also don’t want to pay for free space if you book one that is too big.

What is the fee of hiring a skip?

However, whenever it refers to skips, there is no such thing as a one-size-fits-all fee. The cost of a skip varies dramatically based on a variety of things. Of course, the larger the skip, the higher the fee, and the location you’re in will also affect the pricing. Due to the reduced disposal as well as operating expenses, skip hire in the north of Britain is usually less expensive. Whenever it regards skip hire, though, the South is usually more costly. Another fee will be decided by whether or not you require a skip license and for how long. 

What Kind of Things Can You Throw in a Skip?

Skips are ideal for disposing of most commercial, household, and trade trash, but there are certain limitations. Hazardous waste and items that endanger human health or the environment are not permitted. Hazardous trash encompasses a broader range of items than you may assume.

What is the difference between a Skip Permit and a Skip License?

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When you’re thinking about getting a skip from a skip hire firm, you should determine where you’ll put the skip. If you have a lot of space or a driveway at home, it shouldn’t be a concern. You won’t require a permit if you’re installing a skip on your property; a license is only necessary when the skip is being placed on public roadways or open property. You must submit for and pay for a skip license from your local council before placing a skip on any public highway, street, or public space. Skip permits are in place to limit the number of skips on the road at any given moment, as they take up space and disrupt parking and traffic flow. You might face a fee if you don’t have skip permission, and the skip could be taken at any moment. The fee of a skip license varies depending on where you live in the UK; skip license fees are decide by your local authority, and they differ from one municipality to the next. Skip licenses cost somewhere between £15 and £60, with an average of £30 across the UK. 

Can You Have a Skip for a Long Time?

The optimum length of time you may acquire a skip will be determine  the period of the authority’s skip hiring license if the skip is position on a road. Because skip hiring licenses are usually only valid for 28 days, there aren’t many concerns. However, based on your local government, the period of the permission may vary. If the skip is on personal property, the term of the skip hire can be adjust to your requirements; if the skip is on the road, the period of the skip hiring permit must be adhere to.

When Will Your Skip Be Picked Up?

Your skip will normally be collect after your agree-upon hire period, which for domestic skip hire is usually a week. However, if you haven’t complete filling your skip or need it for a specified amount of time, the hire period might be extend. Whenever you require a skip for longer than the standard rental period, there will almost always be an additional price. If you know how long you’ll need your skip, you may arrange for it to be collect on a certain date at the time of booking. Skip collection usually takes place within two business days of the day you choose. However, if you request a collection early enough in the day, it may be the same day. It’s good to phone a few days ahead of time if you want the skip removed as soon as you’ve filled it.

Are there any limitations on access?

Skips are transport on huge Lorries that are much broader and heavier than vehicles. A car’s ease of entry does not guarantee a skip lorry’s ease of accessibility. Plan ahead of time to ensure that the skip lorry can reach the area where you desire the skip to be place, or try relocating the skip. If space is limit, an on-road skip may be the best solution, or it may be necessary to locate the skip further away from your home or site. If access is restrict, double-check that the lorry’s dimensions will fit. With a full skip on the back of the truck, the weight of the truck will be considerably more considerable, so that’s something to consider as well.


Skip hiring is a fantastic option to swiftly dispose of rubbish for both commercial and household waste management, but you need to do your homework ahead of time to ensure you receive the proper skip at a reasonable price.

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