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Do these 3 yoga asanas after menopause, you will always be fit

Menopause means the period after the end of menstruation is very difficult for women. At this time many types of hormonal changes take place in the body and the fitness of the body gets affected. Due to this obesity, heart diseases, bone weakness, thyroid, diabetes and many other problems start. Usually this stage in women comes after 40-45 years, some women are not able to accept this sudden change in life easily, in such a situation, yoga can help you. After menopause, you can do many such yoga asanas, which will protect you from these common diseases after stopping menstruation and your fitness will also be very good. Let us tell you some of the best yoga postures, which every woman should do after menopause.

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It is very easy to do Dhanurasana. By doing this, you will be saved from obesity, diabetes, back pain, sleep disc, constipation, asthma, thyroid and many other problems. It’s also very easy to do. This asana is very effective in cutting belly fat, it also brings flexibility in your body.

Method of doing – Lie down and bend both your legs and hold them with your hands and stretch yourself from below and above. Stay in this position for 30-60 seconds and come down and repeat. Regular practice of this asana also keeps blood pressure under control.



Malasana helps in maintaining flexibility in the hip joints. We all get this flexibility at birth, but it starts to decline with age. Hip joints are called by the name of the holder of emotions. If the hip joint is flexible and easy to move, instead of locking the emotions into non-beneficial energetic patterns within the body, you are able to release them. By doing Malasana, you will get relief from back pain, fat from your thighs and stomach will be reduced.

Method of doing this – To do this, bend your knees and sit on your feet, that is, put all the weight of your body on your legs and feet and sit. Not in front of your feet, but turn the right foot to the right and the left foot to the left. To sit in this position, place your hands on the ground in front of you. There should also be a gap of 2 feet in both your hands.




Shashankasana regulates the secretion from the adrenal gland. Heart diseases are removed by Shashankasana, lungs, intestines, liver, and pancreas are also clean. With the help of this asana, the nerves, pulse become flexible and work well. Shashankasana is beneficial for gas, loss of appetite etc. Since there is pressure on the lower part of our stomach due to Shashankasana, the complaint of constipation ends by doing it. Not only this, excess body fat can also be reduced due to Shashankasana.

Method of doing – Sit down on a carpet or mat. Keep both the legs bent backwards i.e under the buttocks (hips) and sit on the heels, now while breathing, raise both the hands upwards. After this, while exhaling, slowly bend forward and rest the palms on the floor, keeping your head on the floor. After coming to this position of the asana, hold the breath for some time. Then while inhaling, bringing flexibility in the body, first lift the stomach, then the chest, then lift the head and keep the head and hands in the front. Stay in this position for some time. Straighten up and relax. Repeat this action 4 to 5 times.

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