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Checklist For Plumbing Preventive Maintenance

1. Preventive measures for potty

While your toilets receive daily visitors, it is not common practice to remove the tank lid to inspect the components.

It is advisable to conduct a corrosion and functionality inspection of the supply line, fill, supply, and flush values. Due to water waste, leaking toilets can be imperceptible but expensive.

2. Prevent Your Water Heater From Creating Heat

Have you ever been treated coldly by your water heater? Sediment accumulation in your water heater could be the cause of its diminished efficiency.

Annually draining and flushing the water heater to remove sediment is essential for extending the life and functionality of the water heater in your residence.

A yearly examination of the shut-off valve and piping of your water heater can serve as a proactive measure in detecting impending problems.

3. Assess Slow Drains

Slow-moving sewers may indicate the presence of more serious issues. How effectively discharge your showers, tubs, and sinks?

Attempt to clear clogged sewers by flushing them with a solution of vinegar and hot water. If they continue to appear sluggish, an impediment may be the cause; in such case, you may need to contact a professional.

Attempting to unclog a pipe with force or chemicals can result in pipe breakage and more serious complications. Debris can obstruct drain P-traps located beneath sinks and drain baskets or screens utilized in tubs and showers to prevent blockages.

4.  Remedy Fauce & Showerhead Leaks

If you are interested in conserving both money and the environment, then repairing your dripping faucet and showerhead would be an excellent starting point. Leaks in the home can cause the average family to lose 180 gallons of water per week, as reported by the Environmental Protection Agency.

Examine the faucet handles to ensure they do not leak when the water is turned off. Additionally, search for leaks beneath the sink or leaking from showerheads. All of these may indicate a worn washer, corroded valve, or degraded O-ring.

5 Signs of the Season

While outdoor spigots, pool lines, and sprinkler systems operate without obstruction during the summer, failure to prepare them for frigid weather conditions can significantly impede plumbing operations.

Before temperatures drop, include outdoor fixtures on your list of preventative maintenance by turning off their outdoor water supply and insulating them. A thorough sprinkler winterization may be necessary before the landscaping enters a dormant state.

6. Constant Pressure

Verify the water pressure gauge in your home. Excessive setting of the pressure will result in unwarranted strain on the plumbing system.

Verify that your pressure regulator is operating effectively to maintain control.

7. Absence of caulk

Caulking is essential in the restroom because it insulates the walls and flooring against moisture. In the absence of caulk, water, and moisture may infiltrate into floorboards and behind walls, providing an ideal breeding ground for mold and mildew.

Examine the sealant on the tiles surrounding the sink, shower, and tub for any signs of deterioration or absence. Performing repairs and replacements with do-it-yourself caulking guns and tubing is straightforward.

Select Len the Plumber to Perform Plumbing Maintenance and Repair.

While it is difficult to disregard plumbing emergencies, preventive maintenance is simple to neglect. By organizing your home’s preventive maintenance, you can potentially save money.

Our technicians at Len The Plumber can perform preventative maintenance on the plumbing system in your residence. Moreover, if an issue is identified during the plumbing assessment, our experts are available to provide immediate and exceptional service in response to your call.

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