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What are common plumbing emergencies?

common plumbing emergencies

Plumbing can be a tough and expensive problem to fix. One wrong move and you could end up with a gigantic hole in your wall, or worse, a flooded room. This sounds familiar? You need to call an plumbing emergencies experts.

When the toilet doesn’t stop running, water has flooded your basement, or the sink is clogged. Plumbing problems usually happen in the middle of the night or early morning when everyone is fast asleep, except for you, because you are laboring over a flooded bathroom or kitchen. Having a good knowledge about what to expect and what to do will go a long way in helping to minimize their impact on your life and property. 

  • Burst pipes

Bursting pipes is one of the more common water damage problems you will encounter in your lifetime. Burst pipes tend to happen during a crisis, such as a major kitchen or bathroom remodel or plumbing repair project. Consider it an emergency problem if this occurs at your home or office.

  • Overflowing toilet

If you have a clogged toilet or a malfunctioning float mechanism in your toilet (the mechanism that allows you to flush your toilet), immediately shut off the water flow. This plumbing emergency should be addressed rapidly to save yourself from other severe issues.

  • Ruptured pipes

This typically occurs when there is excessive water pressure, damaging a pipe’s joint and leading to a failure or burst. Moreover, it can also happen just because your piping is old or rusted. If you are finding yourself in need of a plumber, it’s best to go and get one as soon as possible. The longer you have an emergency plumbing problem, the more expensive it will be—and the more damage can be done to your pipes if they aren’t checked quickly.

  • Backed up sewer pipes

An occasional backup of sewage is nothing to be concerned about. Still, it needs to be disinfected and cleaned regularly to prevent the problem from worsening. Flooding & mold growth are some of the other possible consequences. 

  • Leaking pipes

The presence of fungi and the leaky pipe are signs of a problem with your pipes. To handle this, you should start by fixing the leak and removing the moss around the pipe. If this doesn’t work, it could mean that parts in your system need to be replaced. If you need additional help, give a call to an emergency plumber.

Signs that you have a leaking pipe

  • A sudden reduction in the water pressure
  • Soggy grass area without rainfall
  • A sudden increase in the water bill

No hot water 

Water heaters are simple appliances, but when they go wrong, they can cause some serious problems. If you have a problem with the water heater’s heating element, call an emergency plumber to help you fix it. He probably has to replace the heating element.

Final Thoughts

The best way to prepare for a plumbing emergency is to ensure you have an idea of where your important shut-offs are. Additionally, you might want to pack a repair kit in advance. You can also set up a flow alarm if it’s available for your pipes, so you’ll be able to spot certain leaks much sooner than later. But suppose you are experiencing symptoms of a problem or issue. In that case, it doesn’t hurt to investigate further before calling the plumber.

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