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Buran Ghati Pass Trek – Best Trekking in Himachal

If you are looking for all the best things in one trip only, then Buran Ghati Trek is perfect for you.

If you are looking for all the best things in one trip only, then Buran Ghati Trek is perfect for you. Buran Ghati trek starts from Janglik which is approximately 150 km away from Shimla. As we know every trek has sections that are extremely beautiful. Vip ve elit olan bahçelievler escort bayanlara ulaşmanın en doğru web adresi. Every trek also has points and sections that are, we grudgingly admit, a little bit imperfect. Though, when you are on the Buran Ghati trek, even with your best critical eye, these imperfections are hard to spot. Buran Pass altitude is 15059 ft.

There is not a single moment on this trek where you will feel like disappointed. It is as though someone has taken out all the best parts of our Himalayan treks and collected them together to make it a perfect trek. The glacial lake always remains frozen for the most part of the year.  The flowers & its herbs are in plenty along the trail. The trek is recommended for people who have done at least one multi-day trek in Himalayans.


Buran Ghati trek is a 37 km trek hiked over a period of 5 days (8 days including the drive to and from trek and the buffer day,) in the Greater Himalayas. Day wise schedule of the buran ghati pass trek is as follows.

Day 1

Trip from shimla to Janglik (9,200 ft) – 150 km Drive

Day 2

Janglik to Dayara (11000 Feet). 4 Hours approx.

Day 3

Dayara to Litham (11,800 Feet). 3 Hours approx.

Day 4

Start journey from Litham to Chandranahan Lake (13,900 ft) & back to Litham, 4-5 hours

Day 5

And then start journey from litham to Dunda ( 13500 Feet ) 5 Hours Approx.

Day 6

Dunda to River Camping (11,900 Feet) via Buran Ghati (15,050 Feet). 8 Hours Approx.

Day 7

River Camp to Kharcham/Barua (6,561 ft). heading to Shimla – 250 km Drive

Day 8

Buffer Day

Best time to buran ghati pass Trek

Buran Ghati in Summer (May to September) Summer is a coveted season to do the Buran Ghati trek because the Buran Pass itself is a dramatic wall of ice in June.

Things to carry on the buran ghati pass trek


  • Trekking shoes and trekking pole: On your trek, you will have to cover a long distance and walk for long.
  • Backpack: You will also need a good backpack with sturdy straps and a supporting frame to keep the necessary things.
  • Clothing: Two trek pants: Carry at least two spare pairs in case your first pant gets wet.
  • Water bottle, head torch, snacks, Medical kit (as per your dr), Sanitizer, and other required things.

Reasons to do buran ghati pass trek

If you are a trekker and love trekking in the Himalayan, there are many popular reasons why the Buran ghati pass trek should be on your bucket list.

  • Dayara meadows are the center of attention for all the trekkers.
  • It is a very high altitude trek, going up to 15,000 feet — which puts the trek in the high adventure category.
  • The two villages on the trek, Janglik, and Barua — people love to do the trek just to observe the ancient culture and how it is still preserved.


When you take out all the best parts of our Himalayan treks and combine them together to make one perfect trek, then it comes to the Buran Ghati trek. But to see its beauty, you need to give it time properly.

Why are you waiting for them if you are a trekker and love the Himalayans? Get set ready!

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