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Bloomberg: South Korea’s population could halve by the end of the 21st century

South Korea’s population could halve in the 21st century, Bloomberg reported.

According to the publication, a decline in the birth rate has been threatening the republic since 2018. The main reason for this was called a sharp increase in the costs of parents with the appearance of a child. Families in South Korea invest significantly more in the future of their children than in other parts of the world. In the ranking of such states, Taiwan is in second place, followed by Portugal.

For example, in 2021, an average of about $6,000 (358,000 rubles) was spent on the education of one student. Paying for a college or university for one child takes a salary, which in the Republic of Korea, on average, is received for six years of work.

Reuters: China bought oil from Russia at a discount of $108 per ton

Reuters: China bought oil from Russia at a discount of $108 per ton

Another reason Koreans put off having children is high real estate prices. In addition, the decision is influenced by the insignificant social support for families in the country and problems with employment after the end of parental leave.

In August, the RBC edition wrote that from January to June 2022, a little more than 635 thousand children were born in Russia. This is 6.3% less compared to the same period in 2021. According to Rosstat , the number of newborns in Russia has been declining since 2014.

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