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A Guide for Knowing About Fire Water Tanks

Firefighting is a pivotal task of security, health, safety & environment. Quick response in the fire fighting system is a key aspect. The quicker the response, the higher the chances of dousing the fire outbreak.

A fire water tank is an essential component within a firefighting system. These tanks are designed to store huge amounts of water for conveying immediate supply. The fire water tank is used for providing a sufficient amount of water in a fire hazard facility. 

These tanks ensure timely and proper access to appropriate amounts of water for extinguishing the fire. Alternatively, the fire storage tanks can also be used for potable and drinking water storage. 

A Guide for Knowing About Fire Water Tanks

Establishing Fire Protection System with Fire Water Tanks

A fire protection system with fire water tanks can efficiently elevate your response time. In every facility, a fire water tank must be installed for protection from the fire at the right time instead of paying huge amounts of money for retrieving the damage caused by the fire. 

These water tanks are in demand in every type of industry as they offer the perfect solution for a fire disaster prevention strategy. A fire water tank for industrial units usually comes in different sizes, shapes and materials. Depending on your application, you can choose the most suitable option. 


Establishing Fire Protection System with Fire Water Tanks

Types of Fire Water Tanks

There are primarily two types of fire water tanks. These are –

Compliant fire tanks – These fire water tanks are the most common field erected tanks that come along with almost all components of fire protection systems. The highlight of these tanks is that they have integrated components and accessories that are needed to get your project approved.

Dual use tanks – These are corrugated galvanized steel bolted tanks designed to serve a range of purposes in both urban and rural areas. As the name itself suggests, these tanks offer dual usage, one as a storage source for potable water and other for storing water for fire hazards.

Why are Galvanized Water Tanks Popular?

For many years now, there has been a reliance on galvanized water tanks. They are ideal for storing water for domestic as well as industrial purposes. Galvanization is a process through which steel and iron are coated with zinc. This process ensures that there is no rusting on the metal underneath the coating.

Galvanization has proven to be an effective solution that can prevent rusting. It has been applied for many years, close to two centuries now. Whether you have a requirement for a water storage tank for potable water purposes or a fire fighting system, make sure to look for an expert galvanized fire water tank supplier.

Different Applications of Fire Water Tanks

Each industry is prone to fire hazard which demands for the need for reliable and cost-efficient solutions. The use of fire water tanks within a facility aids in holding bulk quantities of water. The following enumerated are just a few of the essential areas where fire water tanks are majorly used:

Forests and National Parks

Remote forests and national parks are not at all approachable by land with ease. Fire water tanks can fill up helicopters without landing.

Industrial and Warehouse units

Industries that deal with ignitable material are greatly prone to a massive fire. In case of a large-scale industrial facility, the use of fire extinguishers are not enough to douse the fire outbreak. 

Here fire water tanks can come to the rescue by offering an appropriate amount of water supply through the sprinkler system even when the water supply from the municipality falls short.

Fuel Stations

Fuel stations are highly fire hazardous premises where it is highly critical to establish a fully functional fire fighting system. In case of an emergency fire outbreak, the response time must be extremely short as the chances of spread of fire can be rapid.

This is why installation of fire water tanks for fuel station is extremely important. The right fire water tank can deliver sufficient water supply without wasting any time during fire hazards in such facilities.

Special Applications

These applications include water supply from earthquake-prone places, aircraft hangers etc.

The Ultimate Perks of Installing Fire Water Tanks

There are many advantages of using fire water tanks for industrial units that make them one-go solutions for varied industries. Have a glance:

a) Integration is easy – Fire water tanks can be integrated easily with other fire protection systems. Hassle-free integration makes the complete system too reliable.

b) Can withstand weather changes- Fire water tanks are strong and durable and store water year-round under several weather conditions. The fire water tanks made from steel are anti-corrosion.

c) Emergency preparation – Gigantic fire can occur anytime and people may not get the firefighting teams at the right time and the municipality water supply may not be sufficient. Large fire water tanks can be ready to use.


The installation and use of fire water tanks is necessary not just for industrial areas for other premises as well. They are a reliable solution for providing bulk water supply to combat emergency fire outbreaks in a facility.

If you are looking for a suitable fire water tank solution then get in touch with Dutco Tennant LLC now.


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