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7 Common Moving Mistakes to Avoid During Your Move

Moving through packers and movers is much easier than moving on your own. You already know that your move is supported by professional movers. So, you need not take any kind of stress regarding your move.

Relocating from one place to another requires more energy, time, and money. So, you want it to be perfect. But, sometimes people commit some mistakes while moving to their destination. You should be much careful in accomplishing every single task of your move. Packing, loading, and unloading are the main tasks involved in a moving process. And you should perfectly manage each phase. If you fail in managing a phase, you will end up spoiling your move. You should also be careful not to commit any mistakes during a DIY move.

Here are a few common mistakes that people commit during a move:-

1. Not De-cluttering your Goods

One of the most common mistakes people make is not de-cluttering their goods. De-cluttering is a process where you sort out the unimportant goods from important ones. Now, you should get rid of unimportant items. There are two ways of getting rid of unimportant articles. Either donate them or sell them online. De-cluttering makes your consignment lighter. This decreases your moving costs and also lets you have the quickest delivery of your articles. However, many people don’t de-clutter their goods. As a result, their moving cost becomes high. They shell out more money out of their pocket for waste things.

So, it is best to de-clutter the unwanted things before starting your move. It would be good if you make an inventory and note all the unwanted things in it. Now you need to check them one by one. If some of these items are damaged, throw them without any second thought.

2. Not using the Right Packing Materials

It is advisable to use the correct packing supplies to pack your materials. If you don’t do that, then some of your items might be damaged during the relocation. Remember, your items are at greater risk if the roads that lead to your destination are not good. There are many occurrences where your precious items break due to bumpy roads. Some quality packing materials that you can use include:-

  • Cushioning wraps
  • Bubble wraps
  • Packing tapes
  • Overpacking your Boxes

Many people over-pack their boxes. This poses the items in the box at great risk. The items in the over-packed box might damage during the relocation process. So, the best thing is to choose the right-sized boxes for your belongings. If you are moving with packers and movers, then you don’t need to take the stress of the boxes. The movers have different kinds of boxes with them. Also, the moving professionals pack the boxes professionally.

However, if you are on a DIY move, you can arrange the boxes from the outside. You can find different-sized boxes in the grocery and liquor stores. The best thing is that you can get them free of cost. However, if you don’t find them in these stores, consider buying them from the market. They are worth buying as they help you greatly in packing your stuff.

3. Not Selecting the Right Truck

Many people don’t select the appropriate shifting truck for their goods. If you choose a small truck, then you will have to pay more due to its several trips to its relocation. However, if you book a large truck, then you will also have to pay for the unused space. So, you should check the number of your goods first. Once you are confirmed about the volume of your goods, then proceed to opt for the right sized truck.

The best way to opt for the right moving truck is to select the ones which are 10 to 15% bigger than your estimate. Another way to find the right-sized vehicle is to pick the renowned packers and movers in your area. They will select the right truck for you after looking at your volume of goods.

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4. Don’t Carry Dangerous Materials with You

Moving any explosive or inflammable material with you is a big no-no. These materials are extremely dangerous. So, you should completely avoid carrying these materials. You should recheck your goods for any dangerous items in your consignment. If you find the one, remove the item from your consignment straightaway.

5. Not Packing the Survival Kit

There are many essential things you need to pack before starting your relocation. Whether you choose packers and movers or a DIY move, these things are extremely important to carry.

Here are the things which are important to carry with you during the move:-

  • Medications, water, toiletries, snacks, etc
  • Toys, packed food, milk
  • Laptop, chargers, keys, chargers, wallets
  • Cleaning supplies, kitchen supplies
  • Important documents

6. Hiring the Best Movers

Another common mistake during a move is not selecting reliable movers. Many people fail to find the best movers for their move. They end up picking the fraud movers who only extract their money. They trap the people by offering them their services at low moving charges. But when people book them, they offer them substandard services from their side. They do not take much care of the customers’ belongings during the move. So, sometimes the customers’ goods are damaged or misplaced.

Hence, it is very important to choose the best movers for your relocation. Hiring a reliable mover will help you get a seamless relocation of your goods. Also, you can expect on-time delivery of your goods if you opt for the best movers.

7. Not Taking Care of the Movers During the Move

It is the best practice to take care of your movers during the relocation process. You can offer them refreshments at regular intervals. Your movers will appreciate these things the most. Also, they will take care of your belongings during the move. They will handle each phase of your move perfectly if you appreciate their hard work. Many people don’t behave with their movers in a good way. So, you should avoid doing such things.


Apart from the above mistakes, you can find other mistakes that people usually make during their move. So, book your packers and movers Mumbai to Delhi and avoid these mistakes during the whole relocation process.


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