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5 Spooktacular Halloween Backdrop Ideas to Try in 2022

With Halloween, just a little time away, now is the perfect time to prepare and plan for your Halloween party. Well, what’s any Halloweens party without a photo booth and creative Halloween photo booth props? But, for a photo booth, you will need a spooky Halloween backdrop.

So, in this article, we are going to give you 5 spooktacular Halloween backdrop ideas for your Halloween bash. Here they are:

Starry night backdrop

A starry night Halloween backdrop will do wonders for your Halloween photo booth.  The best part is, that you can have a DIY session and craft out a starry night backdrop yourself too! 

All you will need to do is get hold of some poster board or construction paper in order to cut out your starry shapes. 

You can even throw some glitter to make your starry cutouts look more real. Then, with tape or glue, all you need to do next is paste these star shapes on a dark coloured sheet or curtain for a more dramatic effect! Now, just add some candles to give it a more spooky feel.

Paper chains backdrop

Paper chains are another great option to use as your Halloween backdrop. Plus, these are easy to construct yourself, and you can even gather your kids to help you out! 

Just get some chart paper, and cut some strips and link chain after chain. Now, it’s up to you to drape these chains either horizontally across your wall or just hang a bunch of them from the ceiling.

Spiderweb backdrop

Who doesn’t find spiders spooky and freaky? Well, we certainly do. So, why not add them to your Halloweens backdrop? Just get hold of some white masking tape, and stick them on a black chart paper background to give the shape of spider webs. For the final touches, draw out some spiders, and use googly eyes to make these scary spiders look real!

Pumpkin backdrops

What is Halloweens without pumpkins? Well then, get ready to get hold of some pumpkins and carve some spooky faces on them! The best part about this Halloween backdrop is that pumpkins are rarely ever hard to find, especially on Halloween, and you can ask your kids to help carve out some scary and eerie faces in the pumpkins too! 

Now, place your engraved pumpkins at the bottom of your backdrop, and place some hay as well to give it a more realistic effect. And you’re done! To add a more dramatic effect, you can add lights inside the pumpkin, so that they look spookier.


Almost every individual is petrified of vampires and coffins. To add these spooky additions to your Halloween backdrop, you can build a simple coffin yourself, and make it stand straight in order for it to get in pictures easily. Now, add candles and spider webs to the coffin to make it look real.  

Then, get hold of some cotton wool, and add them to your backdrop nice to your coffin to make everything look even scarier. Your Halloween guests will definitely love this Halloween photo booth backdrop! 

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