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5 Activities You Might Love If You’re Into Photography

Over the years, photography has been the greatest asset of the internet. Because of that, people enjoy sharing, posting, and updating their accounts once in a while. Many people have grown to love photography as well. Some do it professionally for a living, while some do it passionately.

Thankfully, the internet has made it possible for people to learn about photography conveniently. Today, you can take many online sources and courses to learn their basics. Whether it is for work or just for fun, immortalising a moment through picture-taking is truly exciting. 

The fun part is that many other activities make photography even better. With the help of the internet, people can refine their works to showcase their intricate details. If you know someone who’s into photography and has many other collections and interests related to their art, you probably have an idea of how passionate they are. Maybe, you’re that person, too. 

In this article, let’s look at things and activities that you might love if you’re into photography. Hopefully, you’ll find something that will help you hone your skills. 

1. Shooting with film cameras

People say that fashion trends come in cycles. I believe the same is true when it comes to designs and themes. We can see this evidently in how film cameras are making their comeback. People had film cameras before smartphones took over. Many families used to bring film cameras on trips and special occasions — to capture special moments. 

What’s interesting about film cameras is that their photos feel reminiscent. Their quality may not be as good as the cameras we use today, but they still bring a different feel. Its simple picture-taking process makes it a reliable companion for people to use before. 

Today, the aesthetic feel that film cameras bring is becoming popular again. Disposable film cameras are being sold in stores again. Many professional photo printing shops are offering film processing just like before. People are even scanning their photos so they can upload them to their social media accounts. 

Why try it?

You might be wondering, “why would someone who’s into photography be interested in film cameras?” First, because it’s one of the famous forms of photography. Second, so you can practise your skills manually. 

One of the beauties of film cameras is that their settings will depend on you. Also, you have to know how to set the shutter speed and aperture so your photo will turn out as you expect it to be. Remember that your camera’s memory is the film. 

With that, every shot you take is equivalent to one film. Since you’ll only be working with a limited number of films, you need to be careful. You surely will be wasting many films before you get the perfect shot. But that’s okay. There’s a reason why many professional photographers suggest learning how to shoot on film to improve their skills. 

2. Film processing 

If you enjoy taking photos using film cameras, there’s a chance that you’ll also enjoy processing the films. One of the reasons people enjoy shooting with film cameras is its process. Many people enjoy being in a dark room and watching their photos turn into colour. 

Some photographers started a photo printing business because they enjoyed film processing. Isn’t it amazing that you can bring the negative film to life through several processes? It’s also a great way to appreciate the beginnings of photography art. 

Moreover, being able to develop, rinse, fix, wash and dry your photos is amusing. You don’t only get to appreciate them more — but also appreciate how much photo printing has evolved. 

3. Photo printing

Even though not many people stop by a photo printing shop to have their photos printed, they’re still essential today — especially in the arts industry. Many artists rely on photo printing to showcase their art. 

One of the top services that printing businesses offer is none other than printing. For people who know nothing much about printing, it’s easy to assume that it’s just a matter of file, ink, and paper. The truth is, there’s more to photo printing than what we know. 

That’s why artists are particular with the materials they use. They make sure that each material is of top quality. There are types of paper solely for fine arts printing. The same goes for ink and printers. 

Who knows,  maybe you’d also appreciate how intricate photo printing is. If you’re into photography, try professional photo printing to understand better how it contributes to a photo’s printed quality. 

4. Creating digital art

My fourth suggestion may seem a bit far from the field of photography. But if you look closely, digital art is closely interrelated with photography. Today, many companies and schools utilise digital art for marketing. Aside from the traditional strategies that people know, digital art has become an effective method. 

I know that creating digital art requires a different set of skills. But that doesn’t mean you can’t try it out. Instead, you can try it by using your shot as inspiration. Maybe this is where the saying “life meets art” comes in. 

You can use your shots as inspirations for your digital art creations. Then, as you acquaint yourself with the basics, you can start creating designs from your imagination. 

5. Photo editing

Now, my fifth suggestion may or may not come to the liking of many photography enthusiasts. Since many photographers are against photo editing, this suggestion might seem absurd. But before you scroll up, I suggest giving it a try. 

In a world where everyone’s curating their online profiles, many photographers surely don’t want more unrealistic photographs. However, photo editing has its own set of advantages, too. You’ll see this in how businesses use photos to their advantage.

I understand that many photographers value the rawness of a photo. But in some industries, photo editing brings out the best in their products. With all of the unrealistic standards that we see online, it’s easy to be against editing. But if we use it in the right way, it can truly bring out the best in a subject.

Maybe there’s this photo that you waited so long for to take a shot. However, the moment you click on the shutter-release button, a bird suddenly flies over. I can imagine how terrible it must feel when that happens. But, it’s not the end of the world. Instead, you can still showcase the beauty of your shot with the help of editing. 

Don’t be afraid to explore other activities.

To cap my article off, here’s a reminder for you. Don’t be afraid to explore and try new activities. You can start by exploring another medium related to your hobby. If you’re into photography, I hope my suggestions were able to inspire you to try something new. 

It won’t hurt to explore and learn something new from time to time. Who knows, maybe you’re just one try away from honing a skill — that you’ve been working on for a long time. 

About the author:

Bianca Banda is a writer for DS Colour Labs Ltd (DSCL), a professional photography lab that offers a vast range of products and services for photo and print needs.

Bianca Banda

Bianca Banda is an ardent writer, aiming to share helpful information and ideas effectively and engagingly.

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