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10 Step Guide for Securing a Mortgage for your Dream Home

Purchasing a home in your name is the proudest and most exciting thing you will ever do in your life. Yes, it is an expensive affair. Unless you have a pool of money, you will have to obtain a home mortgage to make the buying process smooth and easy. But the process of securing a favorable home loan can make you restless.

People who are in immediate need of funds for maximizing the down payment involved in the loan take easy loans from direct lender. This is because the process and the interest rate are comparatively lower and more comfortable than other financial institutions.

Navigating the home loan process is as overwhelming as finding the house of your dreams. But if you will have a decent knowledge of the whole mortgage procedure, then the involved steps can go smoother.

Guide to help you understand Steps involved in a Mortgage Process to make your Purchase Easy

The following steps will help you gain an understanding of how many steps are involved in securing a home mortgage:

  1. Application Submission

Once you have found your dream home and finalized a lender for obtaining a mortgage, the process of securing a home begins right from there.

In the first stage, your lender will ask you to fill out a loan application with all vital documents that show your debts, income, and assets.

  1. Home Inspection

You should schedule a home inspection ASAP to check for any issues you might have missed before closing your deal with the seller and till your mortgage gets approved. You can go for this inspection.

A home inspection is an additional expenditure wherein professional inspectors visit that house once to check for things you haven’t noticed. They check what level of repair and maintenance it requires and adjust the price of the house accordingly.

You can meet this expense with easy loans from a direct lender because touching the money for a house down payment is a big no.

  1. Be Extra Responsive

Once you submit your application to your lender, you have to be extra responsive when they require anything from you.

You have to make sure that you respond to their queries and make available other asked documents in time. Just be prompt with your response for quick approval of the mortgage.

  1. Buy Home Insurance

Your lender will ask for proof of the home insurance before approving your loan. Before purchasing the insurance, keep the following things in your knowledge:

  • Know the Exclusions: most insurance companies do not provide money due to earthquake or flood damage. Therefore insurance that covers this should be procured separately.
  • Claim Limitations: There is always a limit that the insurer pays for the covered risk. Many policies pay a limited amount of money for filched jewelry.
  • Know the Cost: In any case, the home gets destroyed, and some insurance companies pay insufficient money to the insured. So try to take a policy that covers the maximum.
  • Cash Value: If your home gets destroyed and you choose not to replace it. You will receive its replacement cost after deducting the depreciation value.
  1. Behind the Scenes Process

You should know what is happening in the background. Lenders often call for a home appraisal to make sure that the actual value of the house matches the purchase price.

The appraiser visits the house to see and compare the same with other houses in the area selling at a similar price. They also check that there is no outstanding lien in the selected property.

  1. Avoid Accumulating New Debt

When your loan application is in the process, avoid applying for new credit cards. You should also avert making a big financial change like taking another loan.

This is because it impacts your debt-in-ratio and can put a hurdle in the way of your home loan approval.

  1. Lock the Interest Rate

Do it now if you still have not locked an interest rate in the mortgage with your lender. You both should mutually agree on an interest rate 10 days prior to releasing your loan.

  1. Review all the Documents

Once every step has been taken care of from the appraisal to inspection. Your home mortgage is likely to get approved. You might want to check all the documents and all the paperwork involved in the loan process.

The lender will set a date for releasing your loan.

  1. Paying the Down Payment

After coming to an amount for the house down payment, you will need a cashier’s check or arrange the money for the required payments.

You will have to pay the closing cost for the house while settling the loan.

  1. Read all Docs before Signing

Make sure you read all the loan papers you are asked to sign at the closing date. Do ask questions if you find anything unclear. Read all the terms and conditions mentioned in the documents.

Before signing, make sure you go through each and every condition mentioned in the loan document.

Take Away

Owning a house is still a dream for many individuals. To make this dream a reality, many financial institutions and direct lenders provide funds to meet the cost of the house. But the process of acquiring a loan can make you restless.

You have to keep in mind several things before applying for a home loan if you don’t want to face a denial in your application.

For a smooth buying process, you will require to submit your documents that show your debts, stable income, and list of assets. Also, you will be required to pay a sum of money for its down payment.

People who are looking for quick funds with less paperwork can opt for easy loans for bad credit. But if you have time, dedicate it to researching and exploring financing options in the market. This will allow you to get the best deal on your home mortgage with a decent rate of interest.

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