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10 Great Reasons to Be in Love With Cambridge MA

Cambridge isn’t just famous for its university of the same name. It is also one of the more intriguing cities in England. There’s plenty of lush greenery and gorgeous old buildings all over and it is a popular day trip as well as a tourist attraction for Brits as well as foreign tourists. The charming town might have an image of being slow-moving and peaceful however, it is awe-inspiring with stunning scenery and a myriad of hidden treasures ready to be explored.

You should take cheap car rentals service in Cambridge Massachusetts for budget travel. We’ll show you the spots in the city and offer you the top ten reasons to fall in love with this gorgeous city.

1. The Culture

There aren’t many cities that are as distinctively British as Cambridge. This is large because it is home to one of the most renowned universities in the world. British tradition and culture come to life at every turn. With numerous impressive buildings worth seeing, many of which are centuries old, you’ll see British culture everywhere you turn. It doesn’t matter if you’re exploring the green spaces, admiring the historic colleges, or sipping tea and enjoying the essence of Britishness and the most authentic, it’s impossible to miss the distinctly British culture during a semester spent abroad at Cambridge.

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2. The Punts

It is the River Cam may have an insignificant name, but it’s surely an incredibly gorgeous and serene thing the city offers. The river is not just an exceptional background for picnics in the summer, or a glass of wine along the banks but also allows you to go punting. It’s punting in English and appears as follows an open-topped boat guided down the river with the help of a lengthy pole.

The person who punts is in the rear of the boat and continuously pulls the boat away by using the pole to propel it forward. You can either book tours and have a drive through the river, or hire a boat to make the pole yourself. Whatever you choose, you’ll sit on the first row, and admire the beautiful landscape.

3. The Language

The dialect that is traditionally spoken in this area is a mix of Estuary English spoken. In the southeast region of England, East Anglian English is spoken throughout the counties in Norfolk as well as Suffolk in Suffolk and Norfolk, as well as High Queen’s English. This is essentially meaning that the “traditional” Cambridge accent sounds quite similar to the sound you’re used to hearing from TV shows such as Downtown Abbey.

Of course, the constant flow of students has resulted in the local accent has gotten less distinct and changing throughout the years, however, Cambridge remains to be one of the ideal places to master genuine authentic British English to learn. If you’ve been in the beautiful town for a couple of months you may start to talk like the “old boy” about it.

4. The Museums

Science and research reign over Cambridge It’s not unusual that the city has many historic museums. The Museum of Archeology and Anthropology artifacts are dating back over two million years, and there is the Whipple Museum is focused on the natural sciences. Make sure to visit the most well-known of all which is The Fitzwilliam Museum. A vast collection of art from a variety of centuries and antiquity is waiting for you there.

5. The University

In the list of reasons that you should enjoy Cambridge, it is a must that mention of the renowned university is not left out. Established in 1209, it has been consistently ranked among the most prestigious two universities in the UK (the other being Oxford). Not only did famous scientists such as Stephen Hawking, Charles Darwin, and Isaac Newton study here, however, but actors like Sacha Baron Cohen Emma Thom and Tom Hiddleston are also among the most famous alumni. The total number of Nobel Prizes, across the six disciplines, were awarded to those who conducted research, studied, or studied in Cambridge. It’s pretty amazing!

6. The Market

It is also a good idea to make an opportunity to visit Market Square, also known as the Market Square. The stalls provide locally-sourced fresh vegetables and fruits, and freshly prepared food, making this the ideal place for grabbing a bite to take when in the city. There aren’t just tasty main and snack foods There are many other items available for purchase at the market. Enjoy a stroll through the market, and then look around, and be amazed. There is everything from clothing and art to bicycles and even plants.

7. The Food and Drink Park

If you’re a fan of street food, take to foodPark’s food park website. There you can check out the places the ever-changing street food market will be on this particular day. Also, since the variety of chefs and dealers change from time to time it is always that is new and exciting to test. The weekly lunch market (and regular evening markets) serve cuisine from all over the world. Get your taste buds pampered with the finest street food offerings the city offers!

8. Cycling

Cambridge is regarded as a model cycling city. Bicycles are among the most well-known methods of transportation in the city, foremost because a significant portion of the population is students, who are granted authorization to park under certain conditions. Furthermore, the city’s bike-friendly infrastructure practically invites you to change to a bike. In the end, Cambridge is less crowded with traffic and vehicles as compared to other areas within the UK. Cambridge is also taking care of its surroundings in an exemplary way.

9. The Botanical Garden

The Cambridge University Botanic Garden covers 16 hectares and hosts flowering plants as well as flowers from across the globe. The garden was established in 1762 and has many gardens and huge greenhouses. The vibrant variety of plants is not just a great source of images that you can share on social media The garden is perfect to have a picnic and invites guests to enjoy some time there, particularly during the summertime.

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10. Outdoor Events

To cater to the many young, active residents Cambridge is a city that Cambridge has a range of outdoor events and sports. Have you been to an outdoor cinema? Films in the Meadows offers you the opportunity to lounge at the edge of the field and enjoy films with others in the cool evenings.

And the Big Weekend has a slew of events that draw hundreds of thousands of people into the city each year. When you decide to do the gap year in Cambridge there’s always something happening in the vibrant city that ranges from comedy shows to fireworks shows. It’s hard to find a place where boredom is not a problem.

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