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White-Label NFT Marketplace Guide — 2022

NFTs have been setting up new trends in the market ever since their foraying in. This blockchain-supported system came up as a big surprise in the year 2017. But ever since that, they have been making histories around the world. The NFT space is getting wider every day as some of the other NFTs are getting launched in the market. Imagine the response you get when you step into the NFT market at this moment! So, I jotted down a blog focusing on adopting a white label NFT marketplace development for starting your journey in the NFT verse. Over to the blog(White-label NFT Marketplace)!

What Does A White Label NFT Marketplace Offer To You?

We live in an era where we are abiding by the easiest way to reach out. This has raised the eyebrows of the developers to come up with an awesome development that enables you to start your venture instantly. The white-label solution is a perfect solution for the thirst to make things simple and easy. It is a ready-made solution that is readily available and can be opted for by entrepreneurs. It also gives the freedom to customize your ideas and requirements in the ready-made script.

The features and functionalities are pre-built within the solution so that it can be launched as in the market. In case you wish to make your platform more feature-rich, you can opt for including more features of your choice. The marketplace is compatible for the creators and artists to mint their digital works into NFTs. These NFTs can be anything ranging from images, drawings, videos, music, memes, gifs, and various other digital collectibles. These NFTs can be listed in the marketplace to reach out to potential buyers. They will also have options like selling or bidding, which they can choose at the time of listing.

In the growing sphere of NFTs, people are so sensitive about buying and trading NFTs. However, to keep pace, you have to develop a highly competitive NFT marketplace, and this can be achieved with a white-label solution.

What Constitutes A Perfect NFT Marketplace?

The white label NFT platform is developed from an existing clone script. Most of the NFT marketplace development is performed on the blockchains like Ethereum, TRON, Binance Smart Chain, Solana, Polygon, and Cardano. Since they are pre-built in nature, they can be deployed in a short period of time at a low cost. This is what drives entrepreneurs to choose white-label solutions over developing from scratch.

Developing a platform right from scratch will consume a lot of time and money. But with a ready-made solution, they can instantly start their venture. The white-label NFT platform development is carried out diligently with considering various factors. Here is the list of factors that are taken into consideration while developing an NFT marketplace,

Determining the blockchain

As we all know, the NFT marketplaces are developed with the support of blockchains. NFTs and blockchains are two inseparable components as the NFTs generated is recorded in the blockchains. There are various types of blockchain networks like Ethereum, Solana, TRON, Binance Smart Chain, Polygon, and Cardano. These blockchains are predominantly adopted for the NFT platform development.

UI/UX development

The first impression you create about your NFT platform is very important. To adopt the best and most user-friendly UI. Only if the platform is accessible can you win over a bunch of active users for your platform.

Smart contracts

The NFT marketplaces operate in a decentralized environment that will monitor all the activities of the platform. Obviously, this will eliminate the need for human interactions and governance within the platform. To support decentralization, smart contracts have to be employed at the time of development.

Token development

The next step is to proceed with developing the tokens. These tokens are considered to be the native token of the NFT marketplace. These tokens should have the base value of either 721 or 1155 standards with end-to-end encryption. The tokens generated should be based on the type of blockchain you adopt for your platform development.

IPFS storage

In marketplaces, the NFTs are stored in the IPFS storage, whereas the user data and other data are stored in the DB. Once the marketplace is developed, these storage are integrated with the marketplace.

Beta testing

After the storage gets integrated with the platform, the marketplace will undergo a series of testing in order to remove their bugs. They are tested on a test net before getting launched.


The NFT marketplace is then deployed on the client’s servers. After this, they will be launched in the global market for all those users around the globe.

Perks Of Opting For A White-Label NFT Marketplace

  • The smart contract will be completely verified, and the bugs will be fixed before employing in the marketplace.
  • The marketplace can be deployed effortlessly as they are pre-built with necessary features. So you can launch them in no time.
  • The white-label platform has the capability to handle more than 5000 active users at a time.
  • They are extremely cost-effective as you need not have to pay any huge amount of money for developing your NFT marketplace.

Remarkable Features To Include In An NFT Marketplace

When you get your ready-made NFT marketplace solution, make sure the following features are included in the same,

  • A storefront will provide all necessary information about your NFT platforms with details about the NFT drops, ownerships, and other information.
  • Once the NFTs are tokenized, they are open for sale and auction. The creators can list their NFTs for either auctions or selling.
  • The advanced search option should support the users to effortlessly search their NFTs listed in the platform according to their categories.
  • Diverse payment options for users to process their transactions through their feasible payment methods.
  • Integration of crypto wallets to store, sell and buy NFTs sophisticatedly. The users should be able to install the crypto wallets they have installed.
  • A separate option should be provided for those who wish to trade the NFTs using Cryptocurrencies.

Notable white label NFT Marketplace Solutions To Consider

The white label solutions have become quite common among entrepreneurs as they enable them to start their ventures within a short designated period. However, they are readily available solutions that can be customized according to your needs and requirements. Here are the few famous white label NFT platforms available for you,

OpenSea clone is a white-label solution that is built on the Ethereum blockchain. Moreover, they are personalized solutions that can be customized.

Rarible clone is another famous NFT marketplace solution that will best suit entrepreneurs to start their NFT presence.

Wrap Up

Opting for a white-label NFT marketplace will be a perfect option to kick-start your presence in the NFT space. There are several blockchain development firms across the globe that you can opt for developing your highly competitive NFT marketplace.

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