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What is a Security Breach? Types of Security Breaches?

What is a security breach?

A security breach is an accidental or unauthorized access to data that could result in loss of privacy or financial information. A breach can occur when someone steals your login information, accesses your files without permission, or hacks into your computer system. To protect yourself from a security breach, be sure to password protect your accounts and encrypt your data(Security Breaches

























































Types Of Security Breaches

Types of security breaches include cybercrime, insider threats, data loss, and physical theft. Cybercrime occurs when unauthorized individuals gain access to personal or business information through the internet or other electronic mediums.

Insider threats involve employees who disclose confidential information to unauthorized third parties. Data loss occurs when sensitive or confidential information is mishandled or unintentionally destroyed. Physical theft occurs when valuable assets are stolen from a workplace or private residence.

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Malicious software

Many people have heard of viruses, malware and spyware. They can be used to access protected networks and find data, destroy information, or wipe entire systems. Malware is usually accessed via email and embedded links; When the user clicks on the link the system will fail and infection will occur.


Impersonation is sometimes used by cybercriminals to breach business security. They craft a convincing email and send it to an employee, including a link to data, login information, and even business records. It appears to be innocuous enough that the employee will click on it and unwittingly allow someone into the system. It’s also known as phishing, and scams like this are common on the internet today.

Distributed Daniel Off Service (DDoS)

To set up botnet, attackers control a large number of devices and use it to inflate the target system with traffic, thus reducing its system bandwidth and network resources. Growth occurs. DDoS is not a direct tool for infringement on organizational systems, but it can be used to divert attackers from showing actual infringement.

Phishing Scams

Hackers send out emails containing links to fake websites designed to look like real content. Once you click on them, your personal information may be stolen.

Stealing credit card numbers into a database

Hackers can gain access to databases that include credit card numbers, phone numbers, security queries, social security numbers, bank account details, passwords, and more. It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post.

Password Attack

Attackers can use bots with common passwords or a list of stolen credentials to predict passwords and compromise accounts on the target system. This is usually done for limited accounts with limited privileges, while the attacker makes a lateral motion to compromise as many privileges as possible.

Malware and ransomware

attackers can infect target systems or endpoints connected to a protected target system using malicious software called malware. Malware can be injected through social engineering, software bugs, or weak authentication. Malware can be used to compromise a computer system and gain remote control or to destroy or remove its contents such as ransomware attacks.

Attacks Using Social Engineering

These are all methods used to dupe employees into disclosing confidential information. The manipulation of human behavior to achieve a goal is known as social engineering. For example, an attacker may send an email posing as a colleague and requesting assistance in logging into a database. The recipient follows the link and enters his password.


In conclusion, it is evident that the security breach at Target was a result of many factors, including outdated software and a lack of employee training. However, the company is now working to improve its security measures and prevent future incidents. Focusing on catching them before events turn into violations, and learning from the mistakes of other organizations, is a good place to start.

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