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Top 10 of The Most Used Social Networks In The World

The Most Used Social Networks In The World

Top 10 of The Most Used Social Networks In The World

The importance and influence of the most used social networks in this digital age are more than proven, but do you know which are the most used in the world? Do you use your networks correctly?

How has the growth of social networks been over the years?

According to the Global Overview Report 2022, prepared by Hootsuite and We Are Social, it is estimated that there are 4.6 billion users on social networks every month.

This current total is 3.1 times higher than the 2012 figure of 1.48 billion. Being determined by millions of social media users, we can see that this is a metric that has grown at an annual rate of 12% over the last decade.

For its part, the increase in users also reports great growth with a rate of 10.1% in the last 12 months.

It is equally surprising that growth, between 2021 and 2022, has remained above pre-pandemic levels.

In a broader context, the most recent data indicates that:

  • 424 million users began their social media journey last year.
  • This equates to an average of over a million new users per day, or about 13 new users every second.

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This is the top 10 most used social networks

According to a study conducted by HootSuite , this is the “Top 10” of the most used social networks in the world, measured in millions of registered users:

  1. Meta or, we can still call it Facebook: 2.91 billion users

Information about people’s “favorite” platforms and the time they spend using each is perhaps the most powerful data for marketers.

This is key information when preparing a social media plan.

However, active people numbers still provide valuable benchmarks, especially when trying to understand the momentum of a platform.

Data published in the Meta Investor Earnings Report confirms that Facebook remains the most used social media platform in the world.

It has 2.91 billion users as of October 2021.

Facebook’s monthly active user base grew a solid 6.2% (+170 million users) over the past year. And this despite the fact that it already reaches more than half of its total potential audience, both in terms of age and accessibility.

Let’s not forget to also keep in mind that Facebook is still blocked in China. Nothing more and nothing less!

  1. YouTube: 2.562 million users

YouTube is a website where users can share videos on almost anything from music to tutorials. The plus of this platform is that each user is free to upload almost all types of content, in addition to allowing comments.

Additionally, live broadcasts through this platform make it easy for people to connect.

Ads on YouTube reach more than 2.5 billion users, and that number increased by a whopping 11.9% (+271 million users) in the last 12 months.

Furthermore, these figures only represent users in around 75 of the world’s largest economies.

So there is a strong possibility that the total reach of YouTube ads is considerably higher than these published figures suggest.

Available data indicates that YouTube ads now reach approximately 1 in 3 people globally. And that figure rises to 37.7% among adults 18 and older.

However, if we focus only on those countries for which data is available, a much more impressive story emerges.

YouTube ads now reach more than three-quarters of adults 18 and older in most of the Western world, and more than 90% of all adults in a total of 14 countries.

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  1. WhatsApp: 2 billion users

With 2 billion active users, WhatsApp falls into the category of preferred sites for instant messaging.

What started as a service to send and receive messages, has evolved to allow sharing images, audio and video.

Later, it included video calls and stories. The latter are among the most used formats, with regard to the publication of content.

WhatsApp ranks third in terms of total time spent, with users spending an average of 18.6 hours a month using the messaging app on Android phones.

This means that the average monthly time per user has been relatively stable across Facebook, YouTube, and WhatsApp over the past year.

  1. Instagram: 1.478 million users

The latest data published on Meta Ad Resources — which are owned by Instagram itself — shows that Instagram ad reach has increased an impressive 21% over the last year.

And this, despite major changes to the way the company reports audience numbers for its ads.

Meta’s own data suggests that more than 250 million new users joined Instagram during 2021, bringing the platform’s global ad reach to nearly 1.5 billion users by early 2022.

Additionally, Instagram’s audience grew by more than 6% (+85 million users) at the start of 2022, suggesting that its growth continues to accelerate.

This platform has been posting impressive quarterly growth rates for some time now. Our analysis of the company’s ad reach figures indicates an increase of almost 60% in the last 2 years.

Instagram ranks fourth in total amount of time spent, but users spend considerably less time using the app each month. This, compared to the rest of the top five social networks, is about 11.2 hours per month.

  1. WeChat: 1.263 million users

WeChat is an instant messaging service that competes directly with WhatsApp, and what a high level!

One feature of this service is privacy, as it does not show other users if you have read the messages, if you are online or the time of your last connection.

This is one of the most used applications in China for being multifunctional. This means that it is possible to read news, play mobile games and make some payments online from the platform.

  1. Tik Tok: 1 billion users

Tik Tok’s advertising audience also continues to grow at a dizzying rate.

Tik Tok ad reach increased by 60 million users (+7.3%) at the end of 2021. This means that by early 2022, the global ad reach rose to approximately 885 million people.

However, it is important to emphasize that this figure does not include users under the age of 18. This group constitutes a considerable part of the total base of active subjects of the platform.

However, due to what the company describes as “data security requirements”, they are most likely not being fully accounted for.

It is for this reason that ad reach data is only shown for audiences over 18 years of age, although marketers can still target ads to users over 13 years of age.

The latest information suggests that TikTok has added an average of more than 650,000 new users every day in the last 3 months of 2021, which is equivalent to almost 8 new users per second.

  1. Facebook Messenger: 988 million users

For Facebook it is not enough to have the first place. One of his “children” is also in the ranking of the most used.

This platform has been growing in users thanks to its evolution, since it allows from sending messages, videos and images, to video calls.

  1. Douying: 600 million users

Launched in 2016, Douyin is a short video platform developed by Chinese internet giant ByteDance.

Although many compare the app to WeChat and suggest that they are each other’s biggest competitors, the two apps have very different features and user demographics.

It stands out among many popular social media platforms for its strong focus on short video content, lasting 15 or 60 seconds. It also provides a list of background songs and filter options to personalize videos.

The combination of rhythmic songs and fancy filters is often what makes seemingly social content—such as videos of pets, people eating, and shopping videos—unique and viral.

  1. QQ: 574 million users

QQ is an instant messaging service and is the most used social network par excellence in China.

It has email, a platform for blogging, shopping online, playing games, and even a dating tool.

  1. Weibo: 573 million users

Weibo is a social network used in China that has utilities similar to Facebook and Twitter.

The design of the application is similar to that of Facebook, but it has some features similar to those of Twitter, such as posts in just 140 characters.

Youtuber Arnoldo Montaño, on his channel Hey Arnoldo Montaño, explains that platforms such as WeChat, QQ, QZone and Weibo are applications that replace the functions of Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.

The reason is that in China and other Asian and Middle Eastern countries, these social networks are blocked. Given this, a question arises: if these blockades did not exist, would they be just as successful?

And Twitter and LinkedIn?

At this point you may be wondering: what happened to Twitter and LinkedIn?

Indeed, these do not appear in the “Top 10” of the most used social networks. In fact, Twitter occupies the 15th step, with 436 million active users worldwide. LinkedIn, for its part, is in position 20 with 250 million. Also Check Pinterest Video Downloader

However, LinkedIn has gone from being a simple job search engine and resume site to a professional platform. In this network, industry experts share content, interact and build their personal brand.

It has also become a place for companies to establish thought leadership in their industries and attract top talent.

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