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The secrets hidden in cocomelon videos.

Today we are going to be exposing the. Buying cocomelon. Okay obviously you own the cocomelon characters is it’s ME kids animated youtube channel that’s about to surpass beauty part the biggest individual creator on the platform but most think that all this content is just harmless. The R. gain subs from lunch located maybe they’re faking their subs and faking subs. A bad thing but there are some conspiracy theories that these videos aren’t just some little harmless animated videos that they actually have dark hidden secrets inside them.

So that’s what we’re gonna try to find out today in this video was actually recommended by on cases on someone to come to our last video who said about this didn’t really recommend this. The idea I thought I may touch on is here’s the comment and it was on a video where I tried to get call no man. Of course, I feel with this video is really just to prove to you a reason why Caldwell. Because we showed how I showed how would you get cold milling band but now we need to give more reasons why it should be. So that’s what we’re running into the street okay. 

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Como nursery rhymes

 So before we really get into our cocomelon on and of course, their statistics really deeply started their videos. Here’s one thing we have to know so-called mom they make on its call Como nursery rhymes and the truth nursery rhymes.

 It’s a lot of them actually have dark hidden like secrets and we’re not gonna talk about this because this really is about coke amount well a lot of nursery rhymes actually. Their origins have dark origins from things and real people just twisted them into making on play for them in making them. Better for a younger audience but really if they kept the nurse.

2 D. videos

 Here I’m just saying they would be rated R. instead of being rated G. so now let’s really get into a whole month so first cocomelon in if you don’t know the history of cooking on regionally they made 2 D. videos on like as you can see on here so that was like a long time ago we got 10 years ago 14 years ago.

 I’m in these all videos all have a lot of use as you can see over 1000000000 views video and just okay just by looking at that. RT looks creepy okay right there. I do not see that. What do you show these in all these different things tickets and if you’re the one thing I don’t understand.

Gen zine when gender the generation that’s walking cocomelon on is the new generation Gen and Gen Z. it was. Elmo like I need like other things but not all this fruit for Jan our phone.  The children these days all they care about is a melon that has a face on it does actually teaching them a lot of bad things. Of course, you probably don’t see anything yet but do you want your child to be watching. 

Develop mental illness

Okay, what to watch all these things over and over again first studies actually do show that if people are exposed to technology screens too much at a young age they can actually develop mental illness and cause problems in the brain with their eyes and all these things so bad to prom with all videos and with kids being addicted to this and it’s not like of course, you can always be watching things our young age.

 But with Cushman, it’s the right thing to do thing in there trying to draw their attention and cocomelon and they’re taking this and another bad thing is where do you think all the subscribers are coming from. 

Oakmont subscribers

Not just people like that it’s not just people because there are not enough kid accounts to do this so what’s really going on is the kids are subscribing on the parent’s account and not causing more problems to the YouTube algorithm. So local non because most of the Oakmont subscribers I bet are probably adult accounts because their children subscribe on their parent’s account. So then that brings me to bargain with them and that’s why this is happening. 

That is causing a problem to that of course you know all the problems are cold moon is seen. Well really. To look at this over and over again like I don’t really know. Okay, so we know their nursery rhymes have a history of having a dark side.

Dark side

 It would take like weeks and weeks of studying but. There is a dark side. Okay. I can just look at it. It is literally creepy. No one. Would you want to see if we? I just okay I don’t get why generation also even carers for cook okay how what we’re cooking my own success is coming. 

It is something that I don’t understand that doesn’t make sense. But one thing that people may not realize is that. There may be hidden meaning and it’s not just this in cartoons, in general, a lot of kids’ cartoons actually have Mike inappropriate dork on scary deep or meet needs in them and it obviously could be the same of our scope mount but I don’t really want to get into that because.

 I don’t want to talk about some work stuff and all this like because there’s a lot most of the world but there is a very high possibility that there could be some very deep there could be deep bad means in a lot of the coupon deals. 

Dark meaning 

So what does the show really we haven’t really shown 8 specific things what we’re showing the possibility? I’ve shown you that there has been a history of nursery rhymes showing and having a dark meaning. And then there’s also been a history of cartoons having darkened inappropriate things inside that and called monkey vines nursery arms in cartoons. So it’s logical to think that there hasn’t been enough many think no but the truth is a lot of children are being exposed to this and really do you think.

 The parents would pay that much attention they just think oh it’s harmless but the thing is a lot of engines in cartoons they passed by quickly and the reason why they have been found is from experts study unit in Washington over and over again and the thing is experts are watching Coleman cook.

 Protect children

 My videos is just being watched by little kids and parents who don’t care they just don’t call my child safe really. There is a dark thing and we will never know what the generation also is being exposed to. The freshness video make sure to like and subscribe.

 So we can get cocomelon and band and the next after we finished all this government stuff that I’m not going to go for the series and you are now I already have a huge case going everything wrong that teachers has done but let’s start with some a little bit harder cook a month. So if you want to call the mom to be beyond make sure to like this new York’s answer scribe and also subscribe you price carbon already we need to get your car to win this about cocomelon can not be cured by.


Yup on the so we have to be mature about this but then also I hope that you 2 dozen basket this because they’re actually probably most likely, is a dark meaning and to protect children like they are about protecting children with all their new bike rules and guidelines while they protect children by looking into the deeper meanings. A video and you simply called Monday, Oct because with all those millions of children being exposed to it think about what the next generation could look like all because of stupid milk.

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