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The Best Wholesale Athletic Clothing in Canada for 2022

Athletic clothing in Canada has grown tremendously in the past 10 years and will continue to do so in the upcoming decade. If you are looking to invest in the best athletic clothing in Canada, it’s important to know what to look for as well as how to choose the best Canadian supplier for your needs.

In this guide, you’ll learn about wholesale athletic clothing, what to look for when choosing your brand, how to go about finding manufacturers, and many more tips to help you find success with your own business. It’s time to get started!

What is a Wholesaler?

A wholesaler is a business or individual who sells products to retailers. It is one of many different types of businesses involved in retailing, which includes manufacturers, wholesale merchants, importers, exporters, buying groups, suppliers, distributors, and marketing firms.

Wholesalers are merchants who buy goods in bulk from manufacturers or other wholesalers and then sell these goods at a profit to retailers who might not have the space or finances to purchase items in such high volume. They can also buy products directly from factories or distributors who have well-established distribution networks. These products are then sold to other companies at lower prices than what was originally offered, provided they are not purchased directly from the manufacturing company. That’s to say wholesale sportswear.

Apparel Market Trends to Focus On

The Canadian apparel market is valued at $75 billion and 75% of that comes from clothing, and it’s expected to grow 7% more by 2021. Despite discount stores and fast fashion chains that are dominating the market, there is still room for retailers that focus on selling a variety of products at fair prices. Athletes and individuals that wear shirts as a means of the trend will likely make bulk shirts the way to go because of their affordability and accessibility.

The advantage of these tops is that they are very inexpensive but still durable enough to endure sweat and other forms of moisture during physical activity. Buying in bulk will allow your business to save money without sacrificing quality or quantity.

 Wholesale Athletic Clothing

Which Athletes Are the Most Popular?

Going through popular fashion trends, we see that certain athletes have a much bigger impact on our culture than others. These star athletes have devoted fans and an ever-growing following. As a way to capture some of their larger-than-life appeals, apparel companies look to superstars as role models and turn them into spokespeople.

For example, you’ll find ____ as a model for a ____ denim brand. More often than not, when someone hears NFL shop, they think of NBA superstar Lebron James.

How Are the Sports Changing?

On one hand, female sports are becoming more prevalent. For example, females are not only competing against males on a regular basis, but they also have their own professional leagues, such as rugby and football.

Aside from these huge alterations, people can purchase wholesale athletic clothing everywhere they please. Nowadays, they don’t need to go down to their local sporting goods store and buy a jersey; they can purchase it online, in big boxes at the grocery store, and everywhere else. you can shop from home and have items shipped to you directly from China! If you love sports but don’t want to spend a fortune, shop now! Here you can find the cheap denim jackets wholesale that you’re looking for.

How does eCommerce Affect the Industry?

Contrary to brick-and-mortar stores, you can’t just set up a storefront on Amazon or other eCommerce sites and start selling. You need to go out of your way to sell on those sites to make them work. For example, submitting items for sale on Amazon’s Seller Central platform provides features that allow for streamlined selling, and depending on what you’re shipping you might want to opt out of FBA (fulfillment by Amazon) and ship items directly.

However, if you’re not an established brand it may be tough to compete with larger brands that already have traction on these platforms. So while some of these companies have had success selling wholesale athletic clothing through online marketplaces like Amazon they also note challenges they’ve faced and how they’ve overcome them to grow their business further.

They’ll give some helpful tips along with their experiences so you know how to avoid common pitfalls if your business grows enough for wholesale oversized denim jackets.

 Wholesale Athletic Clothing

Biggest Benefits of Becoming an Athleisure Brand Now

As I previously said, one of the many steps necessary to join the growing trend of athleisure is affordability. Even if you are new and your products are expensive, price points can be kept low because you will be selling them to retailers rather than individual consumers.

This way, they have less financial risk with every purchase they make. By adding a denim jean jacket wholesale or another item that offers similar value as an incentive for buying from you first, customers may see that you are a brand that wants to work with their business just as much as they want to work with yours. The added incentive will encourage customers to buy from you first when it comes time to stock up on athletic clothing. Customers love discounts! A second benefit of being an early entrant into a market is consumer loyalty.

How You Can Thrive as an Athleisure Brand

The idea of athleisure has only just recently gained momentum, as more and more people find that the way they dress can speak volumes about themselves.

Even if you aren’t an athletic brand per se, your branding (and what you want it to stand for) is an important consideration when planning your business model. Although the athleisure trend is all the rage right now, don’t make it a crutch or an excuse not to critically think about your own business model.

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