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Studying Abroad – Which Country to choose?

Studying abroad is a great idea, but which country should you choose? Why not enjoy the life of Italy, the charm of Cambridge or the freedom of California? The Ireland is also very popular, and tuition fees in these countries are very affordable or, in the case of Denmark, free for EU citizens. Choosing the country you want to study in can be difficult with so many choices. Culture, costs and available fields of study are paramount, but after considering all these issues, you must be prepared to live in a new, temporary home for three or four years.

Where do you study abroad when there are so many countries to choose from? Study abroad consultants will guide you through various options depending on your specific interests. Studying abroad is a matter of personal choice.

Below are some general comments on some of the country’s more popular choices for where to study abroad.

Study Abroad – Study in Ireland

Studying in Ireland is an attractive alternative to studying on the continent because it is English-medium, tuition fees are low or zero, and the social life is lively. Recognized as one of the friendliest countries in Europe, Ireland offers a mix of world-class universities, such as Trinity College Dublin, and more casual but still reputable colleges, such as Cork and Galway, offering great education and a vibrant student life.

Another benefit of studying in Ireland is the opportunities for professional development after graduation. Ireland is very strong economically and will thrive post-Brexit thanks to its use of the English language, close ties with the US, and business-friendly agreements and tax breaks. Many global companies have business centers in Ireland, offering great career opportunities to ambitious students who don’t want to go home yet.

Study Abroad – Study in UK

To study in UK is very popular among foreign students, after the USA and Australia. It offers world-class teaching and a history of global excellence in the education sector. Studying in UK has the largest number of English-speaking universities in Europe and the widest offer of courses in English. Before Brexit and the availability of student loans, it was by far the most popular destination for European students to study abroad. However, many ambitious students who study abroad choose to study in UK, where they can enjoy a world-class education and wider career opportunities.

Studying in the UK is expensive, but it is worth it if you can afford it. Additionally, you can work in your free time during your studies.

7 Sky Consultancy will help you choose the universities most suitable for you so that you can enjoy all the benefits of choosing to study abroad. Over the past 10 years, we’ve helped thousands of students get great deals.

Study Abroad – Study in the USA

Study abroad opportunities in the US can be challenging, with nearly 5,000 colleges and universities. However, this is a wonderful dilemma with such a wide range of world-class institutions.

Applying to college in the US differs from the European approach and is more time-consuming. So you should start early enough. There is no limit to the number of applications, and they are submitted directly to the university/ college or often via the Common App system, usually with a January deadline. However, these deadlines may vary and should be checked individually with the institution.

Required documents include transcripts, references, SAT/ GRE / GMAT scores, additional essays, a personal statement, and proof of English proficiency (e.g., TOEFL). 7 Sky Consultancy, study abroad consultants will re-check the requirements with your chosen universities or colleges once you have selected your study path and target applications, as they will vary between institutions. This will allow them to prepare a detailed plan for you to get the best results.

Study Abroad – Life Abroad

Studying and living abroad requires a different way of thinking than just going on a two-week holiday to the seaside during the summer holidays. You will study and live in a foreign country for three or four years and create a temporary home where you can relax, work and socialize. You need to think about two things: how to organize the practicalities and how to prepare yourself emotionally to start your adventure.

Four obvious but essential steps to take when preparing for study and life abroad:

  1. Take care of the formalities related to accommodation – dormitory or rent
  2. Check that your passport is valid and you have a visa – if necessary.
  3. Check your scholarship opportunities and submit your application before the deadline.
  4. Review the syllabus and course modules. Buy textbooks.

With a great group of friends, your study abroad experience can be one of the best of your life. Perhaps you came with friends from home, or maybe you travelled alone. Either way, studying abroad allows you to meet people worldwide and fully experience your new destination.

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