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New Pakistani Summer Lawn Dresses Collection 2022

Summer Lawn Collection

Spending heavy bucks on fabrics seems reasonable when you shop for the best products. Often, fabric quality and choices come under notice for specific events. However, in Pakistan, it is all about the summer season and how you can look well. In essence, every fabric option must include a way to offer you relief and ensure you look stunning.

For this, we list down certain clothing brands that are available throughout the country, including Raja Sahib. To ease your selection duties, we list down key factors that can tempt you to shop from these brands. Here is how the brands fare against our critics.


Many people do not know about Aabyan and how they deal in the clothing market in Pakistan. However, their presence at top shopping centers ensures that they need appreciation. We bring them at the top since their latest summer lawn collection inspires us to tell you why you must shop through them. When there comes elegancy within your dress, nothing else seems perfect. In essence, an elegant look and sleekness give you an ideal presentation. For this, the talk is about exquisite dresses at Aabyan.

Key Factors:

  • Aabyan focuses on offering dresses moderate in embroidery
  • Women of age can easily opt to purchase from Aabyan for their outlook
  • Prices remain reasonable, almost among the average ones

Al Zohaib Textile

Al Zohaib Textile is a great Pakistani clothing brand selling stunning fabrics in several top stores and shopping malls. In essence, the brand is about serving the community with high-end fabrics that find tougher competition. Although the brand has not hit prime-time locations, however, its publicity is through exquisite yet high-end outfit options on offer. At first, it is about their stunning embroidery-rich dresses that people love to express. In addition, you can shop for simpler options likewise, that cost cheaper. As for the colors, nothing feels low or gentle with vibrancy at the maximum.

Key Factors:

  • Vibrant and diverse color options make for a stunning look
  • Prices can be higher for clothes rich in embroidery and prints
  • Outfits options exist for low-cost fabrics


Elaf is a great brand that highlights what modern dresses must look like. In essence, the brand highlights offering a unique experience to users. With designs and styles that remain a central point among wedding styles and high-end styles, now you can shop exclusively for them at Elaf. In addition, the dress’s quality resembles some top brands with styles highlighting richness in embroidery and colors. To keep with summer standards, it is one of the brands that has rolled out an all-exclusive light yet colorful collection. In contrast, prices remain a point of amazement among people, with most dresses ranging around Rs. 11,000.

Key Factors:

  • No need to shop for separate events and gatherings, just buy one through Elaf
  • Colors remain favorable considering the summer season
  • 3-piece suits remain perfect in embroidery throughout


Often, we talk about brands that highlight stunning designs but they include heavy prices to their names. This factor tempts users to switch to their regular dresses and look away from good designs. But we bring forward a brand known as Ellena that shows you do not need to spend big for good dresses. From the first look, we can ensure that their fabric options remain vibrant in colors, stunning in embroidery, and resemble traditional culture. You will find color options that are cooler alongside vibrant and darker. For this, the options remain simpler and you can make an effective purchase.

Key Factors:

  • Fabrics come with good embroidery designs and patterns
  • You can get an economy purchase here that you can wear for gatherings at the best

5.     Farah Talib Aziz

Designs and styles at Farah Talib Aziz highlight what boldness is all about and how you can enjoy a great evening with their fabrics. At once, you will find dresses perfect for working women and housewives, whereas bold options are available for young women. This diversity makes them a good option to shop for different articles. You can try other options here since their lawn collection is filled with exciting designs. Embroidery and prints find a great fit here and you can enjoy many more options with ease. In the pricing market, their chargers seem high considering our other options above.

Key Factors:

  • Bold options are present with sleeveless designs
  • Ideal option for housewives since articles maintains decency and elegancy

Asim Jofa

This time, we will not be including a key factor column since everything about Asim Jofa is a top yet key factor to shop through them. With the first look, it is a brand that highlights how elegant women can look with stunning dresses. Nothing at Asim Jofa is bold enough to highlight diversion from tradition and cultures. However, every fabric option carries great embroidery and patterns. The brand itself is ideal in offering rich embroidery patterns with vibrant and stunning dark colors.

Shop At Raja Sahib Online Store

All these brands are available at Raja Sahib for you to shop and enjoy new dresses every season. All the brands launch their new collections in various volumes. Hence, shop at Raja Sahib for discounts and impeccable services.

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