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Important Chapter of RD Sharma for CBSE students Class 12?

RD Sharma is one of the best reference materials after the NCERT. It is a very important and prominent math book to achieve maximum marks in the examination. 

Solving maths problems is interesting for many, while others find cold feet. Math is a scoring subject in comparison to other subjects of class 12.

To make a clear understanding of each topic, students must have to go through the concepts carefully. 

Indeed, you cannot score 100 out of 100 by studying an important chapter. You have to go the extra mile. But surely you can score 90+, which also comes in the category of excellent marks. 

By analyzing the syllabus and previous trends of the examination under the expert’s guidance, we have provided the important chapters of RD Sharma for CBSE class 12. 

Important topper tip: You don’t have to prove to anyone how much knowledge you have in your mind. You just have to score maximum marks in the examination. So combine your hard work with smart work. 

Don’t start solving any questions blindly. Analyze the previous year’s paper and marks the topic into your syllabus. Give proper practice time to each marked topic and revise them properly. To save you time, you can check the Important questions for class 12 maths

Also, we have listed the marks distribution of CBSE class 12.

No. Units Marks
1 Relations and Functions 08
2 Algebra 10
3 Calculus 35
4 Vectors and Three-Dimensional Geometry 14
5 Linear Programming 05
6 Probability 08
Total 80

Important Chapter with Subtopics of RD Sharma Class 12

1. Relations and Functions

Relations and functions is the first chapter of the RD Sharma class 12. In this chapter, you will learn about different types of relations and functions, the composition of the functions, etc. In class 11, you have already learned about the domain, codomain and ranges. 

The important subtopic of the chapter relations and function of class 12 RD Sharma are

  1. Relations type
  2. Invertible functions
  3. Composite of two functions

2. Inverse Trigonometric Functions

It is an essential chapter of calculus. In this chapter, students will learn about the different domains of trigonometric functions. 

The important topic to cover in this chapter is

  1. Inverse trigonometric functions properties.

3. Matrices

It is also one of the most important chapters. RD Sharma covers all the concepts which are very useful from the exam perspective. 

The important topic to cover in this chapter is

  1. Matrices multiplication
  2. Properties of symmetric and skew-symmetric
  3. Finding the inverse matrices using elementary transformation. 

4. Determinants

Determinants is nothing new but the square of the matrix. It is equally important as the chapter matrices. The important topics are

  1. Determinants properties
  2. Matrix inverse and Adjoints
  3. System of linear equation and solution.

5. Continuity and Differentiability,

The important subtopics of the chapter are

  1. Continuity
  2. Second order derivatives
  3. Logarithmic Differentiation
  4. The parametric form of function-differentiation

6. Applications of derivatives

Prepare this chapter carefully. Most students find it difficult to solve this chapter. If you face any difficulty while understanding this chapter, then you can also refer to RD Sharma’s solutions for class 12. 

The important subtopics are

  1. Rate of change
  2. Tangents and normal to curves
  3. Increasing and decreasing functions
  4. Finding local minima and maxima using the first and second-order tests.

7. Integrals

The subtopics in this chapter are

  1. Integration methods- substitution, partial fractions, parts.
  2. Properties of definite integral
  3. 3. Definite integral as a limit of the sum

8. Application of Integral

  1. The area under curves
  2. The area is bounded by two curves
  3. The area is bounded by a curve and line

9. Differential equation

  1. Differential equation formation
  2. Linear differential equation
  3. Solving differential equations with the help of the variable separable method

10. Vector Algebra

  1. Scaler product of vector
  2. Projection of vector online
  3. Products of vectors

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11. 3D geometry

  1. Direction Cosines
  2. Direction Ratio of line
  3. Line Equation
  4. The angle between two lines
  5. Coplanarity of line
  6. The shortest distance between two skew lines
  7. The angle between 2 planes
  8. The distance of a point from a plane
  9. The angle between a line and a plane
  10. Equation of plane in standard form
  11. Equation of plane perpendicular to the provided vector passes through a given point
  12. Equation of plane passing through the three non-collinear points
  13. The plane passes through the intersection of two planes

12. Probability

  1. Probability multiplication theorem
  2. Independent event
  3. Bayes theorem
  4. Binomial distribution
  5. Random variable and its probability distribution
  6. Mean and variance of a random variable

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