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How Does The Travancore Foundation Create Tailored Care Programs For Its Senior Residents?


In any person’s life, old age is one of the delicate stages where they become quite vulnerable and tend to depend on their family members even against their own wishes. As they grow older, they get unstable due to changes in their psychology, physical strength, and behavioral patterns. Elders lived in totally different dispensations. And after observing the daily changes happening in society, they feel completely lost and detached.

Therefore elderly need more care and attention to lift their spirit and live a golden time they have left feeling joyful. Generally, geriatrics stay with their family for care, support, and comfort to live a quality and healthy lifestyle. However, it became challenging for NRIs to fulfill the essential needs of their parents while living far away. Also, it is difficult for older parents to relocate to another country due to language barriers and cultural differences.

With no other option, elders live alone at home, where from buying groceries to maintaining house safety, they have to do all chores by themselves. It leads to their medication and personal hygiene at stake, and they get prone to severe health issues like diabetes, arthritis, blood pressure, dementia, and heart failure.

This situation forces NRIs into a dilemma between settling in their home country to take care of older parents or living in a foreign county for their bright future prospects. But retirement homes in Kerala like Travancore foundation where elders can be in their own setting with their favorite activities and hobbies, making the mind of more elders to move to paid old age homes.

Why Travancore Foundation is best in the list of old age homes in Kerala

By busting all the myths related to paid old age homes, the Travancore foundation is one of the leading and most trusted retirement homes in Kerala for seniors who can’t live with their children.

Here every senior resident experiences the personalized care in a comfort like home for the following reasons-

1. Understand their need

Elders’ needs are different from adults. They face physical, social, and psychological challenges.

Travancore understands these problems and provides care and support to its elder residents by building positive relationships, stabilizing their mental health, and self-care.

2. Helping them with daily task

Most elders like to do their tasks on their own, but as they reach the age of 70 and above, it becomes arduous to remain independent.

But Travancore is always there to assist them with their daily tasks, so it becomes easy for elders to manage their daily tasks without feeling burdensome.

3. Ensuring their safety

The Elderly is a delicate stage that requires assistance at every step. But due to a workaholic lifestyle, young people can’t stay with their older parents all time.

Hence with a person-centered care approach, the staff of Travancore is always dedicated to providing safe and secure surroundings to elders.

4. Encourage them to a social gathering

When elders live away from their families, they are more likely to feel lonely and depressed.

So, to ensure elders do not feel isolated, Travancore encourages them to meet and greet other elder residents by arranging social activities.

5. Providing them a quality living

Good quality of living is vital for older people. Travancore believes this and is committed to providing elders a carefree life by treating them with love, care, and passion.

At Travancore, elders enjoy the real taste of independence while feeling safe and rejuvenated. It becomes a highly transformative experience for these elders as they get an opportunity to turn their old age into the golden age.

Services offered by the Travancore foundation for the betterment of their elder residents

In comparison to the list of old age homes in Kerala, Travancore Foundation, a not-for-profit organization, has a bold vision to transform the lives of the elderly. The organization is committed to building retirement homes in Kerala, where each resident is capable of availing best in class services at a moderate price. Hence with their trustworthy and compassionate employees and staff Travancore Foundation offers the following services-

1. Medical assistance

They have a team of well-trained nurses available 24 hours a day to keep checking the needs of residents. Here is a weekly health checkup program provided by their licensed physician. ho also works with a dietician to prepare a well-balanced and nutritionally dense meal plan for each elder.

2. Independent living

They provide services such as pleasant lodging, fitness programs, a library room, lush-green outdoor areas, cultural activities, and so on to encourage elders to live freely.

By enjoying a full slate of care, their elder residents live independently with several privileges.

3. Facility staffing

They have licensed personnel skilled at offering personalized amenities to each resident. With good communication and the emotion of empathy. Their staff treats every resident like their family member by giving them modern care.

4. Interdisciplinary team

Their proficient interdisciplinary team evaluates the status of residents every day to provide the services in the best possible way. They deliver quality healthcare facilities in a warm and supportive environment by supporting their residents physically and emotionally.

5. Other services

Apart from the services mentioned above, they also offer services like scheduled family meetings, diverse recreational activities, transport facilities, free wifi, and satellite television. Thus, by providing all these quality services and amenities travancore has brought a positive impact on the lives of hundreds of senior citizens.

Travancore: A luxurious old age home in Kerala

Travancore Foundation is a luxurious old age home in Kerala that nurtures its residents’ health and provides them with a place to live with dignity.

With the best services and skilled staff, Travancore rises to the top priority in the list of old age homes in Kerala for every senior citizen. The foundation is also famous for its various programs and initiatives. That help them reach its mission of becoming one of the best-paid old age homes in Kerala.

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