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Fashion Trends For Men This Fall- Tistabene

I wouldn’t advise following all the fashion trends, but formal pants for men and some more fashion trends that are trending widely. Whether you are a fashion enthusiast or not it is essential to add a bit of spice to your everyday wardrobe by following these fashion trends

1. Varsity jackets-

These are good options for fall and winter. They were in full force in the 2021 winter/fall trends. Some puffy looks with ribbed cuffs were seen flaunted by American athletes with high school culture and became so popular they made their way to professional teams. Many brands have showcased them in their collection including Louis Vuitton, Balenciaga and Dior. But you can find some fits a thrift stores.

2. Wide-legged cotton shorts-

Once an emerging trend is now becoming a staple in every men’s wardrobe. Wide-legged shorts look casual yet stylish and come in cotton and wool. It typically comes in every colour but looks better in darker colours like grey, chocolate brown and charcoal and light colours like cream, beige and taupe. Can be styled with shirts and T-shirts and go for a monochrome look as it doesn’t scream or looks loud.

3. Floral shirts with formal pants for men-

Floral shirts are back in trend from the 1960s hippie style. It is a perfect way to introduce colours to your everyday wardrobe. It can be styled in many ways such as for a casual day out it can be worn with a pair of shorts, pain trousers/denim or formal pants for men. For semi-formal can be paired with tailored pants and a jacket to give a high-end look as the floral shirt is a statement piece here so we don’t need anything loud. For shoes keep it simple with white sneakers.

4. Relaxed jeans/ formal pants for men-

Loose denim and formal pants for men are in trend for many years but lately, they have become street style favourite clothing option. Dad jeans, mom jeans, barrel jeans or call them relaxed. Supermodels like Justin Bieber and zayn malik have been seen flaunting their loose boyfriend jeans looks. Can be paired with a shirt and t-shirt for shoes can be styled with a casual pair of white sneakers. It is a casual outfit for daytime when daytime errands.

5. Wide checks-

the check shirt trend has been in trend for decades. Also called the Gingham pattern formed with horizontal and vertical stripes but this time with bigger and wider shapes. There are numerous ways by which you can style them into your everyday wardrobe. One most common yet trendiest way you can style them is by layering your look, by wearing your wide checks shirt unbuttoned over a t-shirt over it with formal pants for men and you can add a denim jacket or maybe a leather jacket to spice up your outfit that’s it you have got a great casual outfit.

6. The chunky flip-flops-

they have been in trend since last year and flip-flops don’t look like they are going away anytime soon. Kendall Jenner is seen flaunting these with her many outfits. Are ideal for wearing to a beach, or going for long walks and can be paired with any casual outfit.

Hope it was helpful!

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