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Everything You Need To Know When Shopping For Running Shorts

Running shorts are one of the most important pieces of clothing you’ll ever own, so it’s worth taking the time to find a pair that fits right and feels good on your body. Here’s what you should look for in a great pair:

Good running shorts have the right fit, fabric, and design.

When shopping for running shorts, fit is the most important aspect. You need a pair that’s not too tight and not too loose. The fabric should be comfortable and flexible enough to wear while still being durable enough to handle your workouts.

Good running shorts have the right fit, fabric, and design

For men’s clothing, a good fit usually means going down one size more than usual (from your normal size). For women’s clothing, it means selecting an extra-small instead of an XS or S because they tend to run smaller than their male counterparts.

If you’re looking for something more performance-oriented than casual attire but still want something stylish and comfortable—try some technical fabrics such as polyester/spandex blend fabrics like Lycra or Coolmax! These materials provide superior moisture management properties which make them ideal for activities like cycling or cross country running where sweat can build up quickly during hot weather conditions.”

The fit is the most important aspect of a good pair of running shorts.

A good fit is the most important aspect of a pair of running shorts. Your shorts should be comfortable and not too tight or too loose, but they should also be flattering so that you can move freely in them. When it comes to buying running shorts, there are many factors to consider:

  • The fabric type (cotton vs Lycra)
  • The color(s) and pattern(s)
  • How much support do they offer? Does it feel like it’s holding your body up or making everything look big?

There are many different factors that influence how well a pair will fit on your body; however, one thing remains constant: They must allow for freedom of movement while still feeling secure enough to prevent any unnecessary chafing during exercise sessions (or everyday life!).

Choose fabric that’s lightweight and breathable.

When you’re shopping for running shorts, choose fabric that’s lightweight and breathable. Lightweight fabrics are ideal because they can breathe better than heavier ones, which helps keep you cool in hot weather. Breathable fabrics allow air to flow through them, keeping your skin dry and comfortable (and reducing sweating).

Choose fabric that's lightweight and breathable

Thread count refers to the number of threads per square inch in a fabric—the higher it is, the better quality it will be at wicking away moisture from your body so that sweat doesn’t build up on your skin or cause irritation when exposed to sunlight or other elements. If possible, look for a fabric with an average thread count around 50-150 (depending on what kind of cut you want).

Consider key features such as pockets and liners.

Pockets are a great way to store items you want quick access to, like your keys or phone. However, pockets aren’t just for holding small items—they can also be useful for storing valuables. This makes them especially important when buying running shorts if you plan on using the pockets for storing anything valuable (such as your money).

The best running shorts will have pockets that are deep enough to hold your valuables without making the pocket too bulky or uncomfortable to wear. Some brands even offer special security features such as hidden zippers and hidden compartments so that you don’t have to worry about anyone seeing what’s inside!

When shopping for running shorts, don’t underestimate the importance of great design and style!

When it comes to running shorts, design and style are more important than you think. They can help you stand out from the crowd and express yourself in a way that feels comfortable and confident.

Whether you’re looking for something stylish or just plain-Jane, remember that good design is all about making sure your body looks its best when wearing it. That means using fabrics with stretch so they don’t restrict movement or ride up during exercise; having pockets for storage; having seams sewn neatly onto the legs so they stay put without bunching up over time; choosing cuts that fit well over various parts of your legs (legs should not be covered by fabric).


We hope this guide has helped you to find the perfect pair of running shorts. The most important thing is to choose the right fit and feel, but also consider materials, pockets and even embellishments like water-repellent treatments. It’s essential that your clothing gets a chance to breathe so it doesn’t cause overheating during workouts! We know how frustrating it can be when our clothes don’t fit right but luckily there are products out there designed specifically for runners who want comfort without sacrificing style at all costs!

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