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An Overview of Microsoft Dynamics AX

Microsoft Dynamics AX has been around for long enough, helping global enterprises automate, organize, and optimize their processes. The ERP solution became quickly popular for multiple reasons which includes, but is not limited to, its simple and intuitive interface, it effectiveness in covering the different needs of businesses, and its centralized finance management features.

Recently it has integrated with the Dynamics 365 product suit and contributes to the development of a comprehensive and sophisticated ERP solution. Microsoft Dynamics AX lets you take full advantage of new business opportunities around the world with its centralized financial capabilities, business intelligence and embedded analytics. In a single solution Microsoft Dynamics AX provides the users with country-specific localizations which helps you meet the business regulations across multiple countries.

However, the question remains, whether or not should you move to Microsoft Dynamics 365?

Here are certain things to consider before deciding to move to Microsoft Dynamics 365:

The Logistic Benefits of Dynamics AX:


  • Optimize Customer Satisfaction

With the help of advanced logistics management features of Dynamics AX, the flow of materials and goods becomes smooth and fast, resulting into quicker delivery to the customers. To resolve issues early and improve product quality, you receive real-time insights. The order processes are all connected in the solution which contributes to faster customer response.

  • Gain Visibility

With the capabilities of Microsoft Dynamics AX, you can easily track assets, reduce reporting errors and automate processes. With the data collection and predictive analytics features, you gain valuable insights into every area of your supply chain.

The Operational Benefits of Dynamics AX:


  • Enhance productivity

Through intelligent and targeted systems at your employees’ disposal, they can make smart and productive decisions. Microsoft Dynamics Role Tailored brings to you task prioritization, automation and integration capabilities which puts the necessary tools at your employees’ fingertips and helps them work smarter and faster.

  • Reduce cost of operations

Dynamics AX comes with financial process automation, encumbrance, 3-way matching, budget planning, and control which helps to reduce the operational costs of your company. The procurement costs are also reduced by the automation across the supply chain.

The Architectural Benefits of Dynamics AX:


  • Scale upwards without any hassle

Microsoft Dynamics AX can quickly adapt to your unique and changing needs as you expand. The architecture of the solution is model-driven and layered which helps you to develop and maintain unique business processes. The upgrade processes are easy and convenient.

To keep up with the ever changing needs of your business, the solution offers instant-on capabilities that simplifies and accelerates the deployment. Additionally, Microsoft Dynamics AX can be implemented, all at once or system-by-system basis.

  • Take full advantage of integrations

The ERP solution seamlessly integrated with other Microsoft applications and solutions. You can therefore, gain access to additional Microsoft Software. By connecting with other enterprise offerings like communication platforms and applications, whether on premise or on cloud, you can utilize the most out of the solution. By asking Dynamics AX partners to integrate it with other relevant platforms, you can get better communication and collaboration across your organization.

The Industry Benefits of Dynamics AX:


Dynamics AX has industry level in-built capabilities for service, manufacturing, distribution, retail, the public sector, and more. The following are the examples of the functionalities for retail and manufacturing:

Dynamics AX for Distribution and Retail

Microsoft Dynamics AX connects multichannel management, merchandising, store operations, and financial processing. This creates better user experience, for you and your customers. With the features for distribution and retail, you can:

  1. Connect with customers
  2. Provide excellent service
  3. Scale easily

Dynamics AX for Manufacturing

With its excellent operational and customer service solutions, you can compete in the global manufacturing game which enables you to do the following:

  1. Fulfill changing customers’ needs
  2. Improve efficiency
  3. Empower your employees

In order to understand the application better, you can contact a Dynamics AX partner and ask for a demo. These Dynamics AX partners are responsible, not only for demo, but also for implementation, deployment, maintenance and training. They provide valuable consultancy regarding the customizations you should opt for and then carry them out successfully, without the risk of data loss. They will also train your employees in the use of the ERP solution so they can derive the best use out of them.


This article is about Microsoft Dynamics AX. It elaborates of the functionalities of the software solution and also showcases the function of Dynamics partners in the implementation, deployment and maintenance of Microsoft Dynamics AX.

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