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YouTube Music Promotion : Tips To Submit Music To YouTube Channels

Finding channels to promote on is the simple part; getting your track on those channels for YouTube music promotion is the challenging part. However, there are a few things you can do to significantly raise the likelihood that your proposal will be accepted.

Tips To Submit Music To YouTube Channels For YouTube Music Promotion


You must, first and foremost, ensure that the calibre of your musical selections is appropriate. Everyone starts somewhere, as we all know, but any channel worth joining will have some sort of quality control.

It should go without saying, but you should only release polished versions of your work.

You should anticipate rejection when you first start out. Every step in this is necessary.

You’ll have a much better chance of succeeding when it comes to getting exposure if you hone your craft and make sure you only publish your best work.

Let’s look at some further steps you can take to make it simpler for these channels to include you, presuming you’ve already taken care of the quality aspect of things.

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Keep your pitch short and sweet

There are numerous submissions that these channels must sort through. By making your pitch succinct and straightforward, you can make their life easier.

Without being overbearing or expressing how much it would mean to you to be featured on their channel, provide all the details they need to review the track in a friendly manner.

It doesn’t really matter how much you wanted attention or how hard you worked on the track to get it posted for YouTube music promotion. More likely to take away from your pitch as a whole.

It is better to let the music speak for you.

Provide a streaming link

Make it simple for them to immediately start listening to the song. Most promoters won’t go through the process of listening to a song if it is tough to do so right away.

Provide a download link – HQ

In case they decide to share the song, be sure to include include a link to the download spot for the high-definition version. 

Provide relevant info and track bio – social media links etc

A brief biography of each track that a channel posts on their channel is something that some channels like to do. It can be beneficial to include a small amount of useful information about the song and the artist.

Offer exclusives or premieres

When they can acquire them, exclusives are adored by channels. However, you should keep in mind that you may only provide this to one channel, so you should consider the advantages of being featured on one channel as opposed to being placed on several channels.

It can be worthwhile if you know that one channel will have a significant influence.


Including some credentials in the pitch can be beneficial. Your efforts might be aided if your track has received good PR attention or has been featured on other platforms.

Allow copyright

This is a challenging topic that many channels frequently find themselves dealing with.

Allowing copyright for your music reduces the chance of the channel being reported to YouTube. Also enables them to run advertisements at the beginning of the videos.

Allowing copyright can help your track look a lot more enticing. If you’re at the point where exposure is your sole concern.

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These are some of the tips to submit your music to YouTube channels for YouTube music promotion and getting organic YouTube views.

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