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WPC Boards (Wood Plastic Composite): Important Information!

New materials are constantly emerging in the modern day as a result of technological and scientific advancements, and the building sector is no exception. Wood Plastic Composite is one such material used in the building construction business (WPC). It is a sustainable material that is beginning to replace plywood and untreated wood. It is a composite material made of thermoplastics and used wood fibers. To create a foundation material with a thick consistency, they are combined. It is subsequently extruded and molded in order to achieve the various requisite forms and sizes. WPC Boards (Wood Plastic Composite): Important Information!

To produce materials with higher requirements, several other colors and additives may also be added. WPC boards may be used for a variety of things, including outdoor deck flooring, fences, door and window frames, and outdoor landscaping.

It is composed, in terms of proportion, of 70% virgin polymer, 15% wood powder (fiber), and the remaining 15% additives. It comes in sizes 8 ft. x 4 ft. (2440 mm x 1220 mm), with board thicknesses of 0.20 inches, 0.24 inches, 7.5 inches, 0.30 inches, 0.43 inches, 0.47 inches, 0.43 inches, 0.67 inches, and 0.18 inches (0.71 in.).

Features of the WPC boards fence

Features of the WPC boards fence

The following list includes a number of the WPC boards characteristics:

  • The texture and look are similar to that of genuine wood. Due to its lack of distortion, bending, or chipping off in little pieces like actual wood, it needs less repair and upkeep.
  • It is a very durable substance since it is very moisture resistant.
  • Additionally, it is resistant to fungus and termites.
  • It does not readily corrode, degrade, or lose its components.
  • It is a sustainable and environmentally friendly material since it is constructed of discarded wood and recycled plastic.
  • When utilized with wpc bretter zaun as opposed to real wood, nails, screws, and fasteners retain better.
  • 10 wpc boards fence = 1 Tree Saved

It is becoming more and more popular since it stops the needless chopping down of trees and produces better construction materials by making use of trash in extremely useful ways. 10 WPC boards result in the preservation of one tree.

The following are some of the benefits and drawbacks of WPC boards:

The benefits of WPC Boards

The benefits of WPC Boards


It has a confirmed level of quality and is made up of different ingredients that are combined in a precise ratio, including stabilizers, foaming agents, and modifiers. It finally turns into a high-quality substance as there is a mixture of high-quality components.

The simplicity of Customization:

It may be molded and formed into various forms and sizes depending on demands and requirements. As a result, it may be utilized to create designer windows and doors with a rich appearance and exquisite finishing. Currently, it is mostly utilized in doors, windows, and household furniture.

Eco-Friendly Materials:

The WPC boards fence doors, floors, and profiles are given a contemporary and upscale surface treatment using paint or thermal transfer to make them appear prosperous. The wpc-dielen have an elegant and appealing appearance thanks to the surface treatment.


Due to the numerous benefits, it offers over plywood, including those described above, it is a promising and affordable alternative.

Benefits of WPC Boards

Benefits of WPC Boards

Chemical Characteristics:

It has wood fibers and a plastic polymer, therefore it will have both of those materials’ drawbacks.


Compared to wood, wpc board fence has a lower tolerance for high temperatures.


When compared to other materials used for the same purpose, WPC material is more expensive.


When furniture or doors made of this material are manufactured, the sensation of genuine wood is lost since it lacks the natural wooden texture.

WPC Boards Uses and Applications

WPC Boards Uses and Applications

Outside Decks

It is often utilized on patios and decks outside. Different types of decking, including solid decking, hollow decking, mosaic decking, and many more, are available from WPC manufacturers.


They are frequently used to prepare fences for gardens and other outdoor fencing applications since the material is safe and long-lasting.


This material may be used for both indoor and outdoor paneling because it is highly durable and is available in various sizes.

Interior Locations:

WPC boards are also utilized on the inside to create a variety of furniture pieces, including vanities, kitchen cabinets, interior partitions, closets, and kitchen cabinets, as well as the room ceiling.

WPC boards are a new, durable material that is replacing more traditional building materials because of its durability, contemporary designs, and a number of other qualities.

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