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Why visit the exhibition at Adipec 2022?

ADIPEC 2022 is the world’s most important exhibition dedicated to Global Energy. With over 2000 exhibitors from all over the world, it offers a unique platform for learning and exchanging about this rapidly developing industry. The aim of the conference is to stimulate innovation in global energy and help participants develop new business models for the advancement of these technologies.

What is the ADIPEC exhibition all about?

The ADIPEC exhibition is an international exposition that will be held in Abu Dhabi National Exhibition Centre from 31st Oct-3rd Nov 2022. It is the world’s largest exposition dedicated to the history and future of the Global Energy industry. The exhibition will feature over 2000 exhibitors from all over the world, including oil and gas valve suppliers.

What is the ADIPEC exhibition all about

The ADIPEC exhibition will also include a number of interactive sessions and events that will provide visitors with a deeper understanding of global energy.

What we are showcasing at this exhibition?

This exhibition is designed to promote creativity, innovation, and entrepreneurship. It will also focus on the importance of diversity in today’s society. In addition, it will explore how natural energy can be used to help people connect with their surroundings.

Few products to be displayed

The exhibition at ADIPEC 2022 will feature many products. These products will be displayed in limited quantities and at a discounted price. To ensure that you get the product that you want, it’s important to research the product beforehand and compare prices before making your purchase.

Few products to be displayed

  • Valves:

Valves are a type of plumbing device used to control the flow of water and other fluids. In general, valves are open or closed flanges that allow or prevent the passage of water through a system. They can be found in many different applications in the oil and gas industry.

a) Ball valves – Ball valves are one of the best shut-off valves which help in controlling the fluid flow through the help of rotary balls containing bores.

b) Butterfly valves – Butterfly valves are another common type of quarter-turn rotational motion valve. These valves are used in the pipelines in order to shut off the fluid flow.

c) Gate valves – Check valves are one-way valves which allow the fluid flow to move in one direction only.

  • Fire hydrants:- Fire hydrants are an active connection point through which firefighters can easily tap into the water supply.

Come and join us at the ADIPEC exhibition which will be bringing a great opportunity for the exploration of a wide spectrum of solutions from reputed oil and gas industry suppliers worldwide. Do not miss the chance to come and meet us, Dutco Tennant LLC right at Stall number – Atrium A210. If you have not registered yet, do register now.


The ADIPEC exhibition is all about showcasing the latest and greatest products going to use in the oil and gas industry and global energy. From valve products to water filtration systems, we have something for everyone at this event. Be sure to check out our exhibiting companies and find out what they have to offer!


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