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Why Should Indian Students Pursue Masters in Finance Abroad


Global demand for finance professionals is increasing as a degree in Finance is timeless. As long as there’s an economy, a finance degree is irreplaceable. Masters in Finance programs are fit for candidates with specific backgrounds and career goals. Students applying to MS Program with a bachelor’s degree in finance or a quantitative subject will have a better grasp of the subject according to experts. Therefore, the MS in Finance program is ideal for candidates with a good bachelor’s degree in finance, accounting, engineering, mathematics, science, business economics, and related fields.

According to the current Occupational Outlook Handbook of the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the demand for financial analysts will grow by 11 per cent through 2026. Faster than the average for all occupations. Finance advisor positions are also increasingly in demand today(Masters in Finance). According to the Forbes article “One of the Fastest-Growing Careers is in Desperate Need of Young Talent”.

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MS Programs for New Generation

MBA programs are a very elite program especially in India as, Indian universities offering the program are among the top-ranked universities in India but somehow, when we talk about MFin vs MBA, MBA has lost its essence and become a part of all traditional subjects such as a doctor, engineering, etc.

On the other hand, MS is the new trend among the young qualified generation, thriving to pursue something out of the league courses which are the demands nowadays. Some schools even offer post-experience Masters of Finance programs—such as London Business School in the UK—most programs are aimed at pre-experience college graduates, providing them with the skills and network they need to break into the competitive finance sector.

Presence of Diversity

Studying abroad, allows students to engage with other students coming from different nationalities and learn to accommodate others. And accept the cultural differences and religious beliefs to maintain the peer relationship as well as celebrate these differences. These differences among classmates help individual student to build their personalities. And in the future be better employees as well as better humans.

Better Job Opportunities and Building Network

Abroad universities along with academic preparations provide abundant opportunities to engage students with hiring companies through internships and mentoring conferences. Participating in these engaging activities allows students to meet new people from different fields and build their network for future consultations which will ultimately help them to create time-ahead possibilities.

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Student-Teacher Ratio

One of the highlighting reasons to pursue an MS from abroad is the student-teacher ratio. In comparison to India, in top Indian universities like IIM, although the mentioned student-teacher ratio is 1:10 which is hardly fulfilled. Whereas in abroad universities mostly the student-teacher ratio is 1:4 and every student gets equal attention regardless of the number of students in the program.

Formatted curriculum

The program curriculum in abroad universities is specially designed and gets updated according to the current industrial requirements. The curriculum is divided according to the duration of the programs with selected core modules. And a list of the number of electives to choose from to specialize the program according to the requirement of each student. Along with academics, engaging assessments and projects are also assigned to the student.

Convienent program durations

In India, the Masters’s program’s duration is for 2 years whereas abroad universities provide the option to choose the duration of the program according to the student’s requirements. Abroad Universities propose full-time courses which can be completed in 12-18 months and part-time courses. Certificate courses and some programs are even available in online mode as well.

Campus structure

Foreign universities are famous for their clean campus surrounding, superior infrastructure, and qualified faculty members. Abroad universities have a very happening campus to keep students engaged. Societies and clubs enrol students to provide further opportunities and experience other than just academic qualifications. Conferences are organized by universities that invite CEOs of top companies or mentors from relevant fields to give lectures and motivate students.

Scholarship and Sponsorship

Overseas universities provide students with outstanding academic performance and excellent overall engagement. Even the Indian government offer Indian student many scholarships to help them study abroad. Such as Fulbright-Nehru Master’s Fellowships, and Oxford and Cambridge Society of India (OCSI) Scholarships. Melbourne – India Postgraduate Scholarship, and many more.

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