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Why Do Organizations Select and Use Microsoft Dynamics CRM?

Microsoft Dynamics CRM

Microsoft Dynamics CRM, formerly the ‘Microsoft Business Productivity Online Suite’, has evolved tremendously in the last few years. In addition to new editions and products, there has been a lot of emphasis on extending MS dynamics 365 CRM with third-party add-ons. Organizations are now looking at Microsoft Dynamics CRM in a whole new light. Let’s explore why organizations choose to use Microsoft Dynamics CRM Lite and some of the advantages and disadvantages of using it.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM Overview

If you’ve used other ERPs or CRM solutions, you’ll find that Microsoft Dynamics CRM has a different feel and look. Dynamics is a customer relationship management (CRM) platform that has been around since the 90s. It has been in continuous development since then and is now managed by Microsoft. Microsoft Dynamics CRM is a CRM software platform used by more than 20,000 organizations worldwide.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM Overview

It has grown from its initial focus on manufacturing and service industries to be used in various industries for various purposes. Microsoft Dynamics CRM is designed to help businesses manage and track their relationships with customers, employees and vendors. CRM is increasingly being used to transform traditional business processes such as sales, finance, and marketing.

Advantages of Microsoft Dynamics CRM


Customers, employees, and vendors can be tracked and managed from a single view. This provides a more efficient and streamlined way of running a business.

Predictive insights:

Predictive insights help businesses make decisions and deliver better service.  such as machine learning allow businesses to analyze and predict customer behavior, even when they haven’t interacted with the business yet. These technologies can detect patterns and help companies optimize their offerings. –


Microsoft Dynamics CRM provides a scalable solution and is, therefore, a good fit for growing companies. The solution is also well-suited for businesses with various requirements and sizes. –

Microsoft Dynamics CRM provides a scalable solution and is, therefore, a good fit for growing companies. The solution is also well-suited for businesses with various requirements and sizes.

Easy to use:

Microsoft Dynamics CRM is easy to set up and use, even for companies that have never used a CRM solution. The user interface is intuitive and will be familiar to many users while still being easy to navigate.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM allows easy integration with third-party applications and services. This makes it easy for businesses to connect their data and deliver more personalized customer experiences. The solution is also integrated with other Microsoft products.


The solution is highly customizable, and businesses can create their custom CRM solution to fit their needs. – The solution is highly customizable, and businesses can create their custom CRM solution to fit their needs.


MS Dynamics 365 CRM has a long security history and is built on industry-standard technology. The solution protect by two-factor authentication and has strict security guidelines. This allows businesses to safeguard sensitive data using the same security protocols used by financial institutions and government agencies.

Customer Service

Customers are king in the world of business. A positive relationship with your customers can strengthen your relationship with your employees and suppliers. To service your customers efficiently and effectively, you need a CRM system that can easily track and manage your relationships. A CRM system that can efficiently track and manage customer relationships can help you achieve business goals. One way to help achieve goals is to have a system that tracks customer relationships and provides tools that allow you to resolve customer issues as quickly as possible.

Project service automation (PSA) is a feature that automates project management processes to reduce time and cost. With PSA, project managers can create one project for multiple customers, such as multiple clients or customers. In the past, a project manager might have had to create separate projects for each client to manage the project and service requests. With PSA, however, all the client information is stored in the project management system, and the project manager can view all the information about the clients and their requests in one place.

Project service automation

Project service automation is a management technology that lets you manage your projects and clients from a single view. This is helpful for businesses that have a lot of projects that require attention. With project service automation, managing and keeping track of multiple projects that need attention is easier.

In the past, businesses had to manually track which projects they were working on and when they were working on them. With project service automation, however, businesses can track their progress and create reports on their projects that show when they are working on them and how much progress they are making. This can help businesses keep track of what they are doing and what they need to do to be successful. It can also help businesses avoid overlap in projects.

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