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Why Are We Fascinated With Fireworks?

Whether it’s the wedding fireworks or the peonies that we lit up to commemorate the beginnings of new journeys, fireworks never fail to make us feel fascinated. The beautiful flower patterns and starry contours, when lit up against the sky’s dark background, feel as if there is some magic in them and about them. Small occasions start to feel grand and majestic. 

Here is why this happens.

We Are Already In A Set Mood!

Weddings, bonfire parties, and new year’s eve are all occasions where a person attending or is part of these ceremonies has mixed feelings. A thrill and excitement is magnified by the display of glorious fireworks. The celestial show helps us feel more energy and gives us more hope than anything else. We are already in a joyous mood to be present at such events, and the fireworks push our excitement onto the greater canvas. It is more like an expression of our internal feelings displayed in the sky. 

Fireworks Are Pieces Of Art

We are moved by literature. Art is a form of literature, and fireworks fulfil all the criteria required for being an art piece. They are a manifestation of creativity, technology and imagination. They tend to move us, and like all art is supposed to move us, fireworks also fascinate us. 

Because They Scare us

We like fireworks because they scare us. Some experienced neurosurgeons claim this view. The dazzling flashes, like lightning, alert us that something is about to happen, whether it’s a loud thundering crash or the hollow explosion of a firecracker. The amygdala is activated as a result of this. Amygdala is a bundle of nerves that can sense fear.  The thunderous crack of the explosion verifies this perception in our minds after the lights have triggered the anticipation of a threat. Our reward centres respond by releasing a dopamine surge, a neurotransmitter regulating pleasure.

With the looms and crackling sounds, the fireworks induce an expectation of an experience that might scare us. When the display of these sparklers fulfils our expectations in an aesthetically pleasing way, we are fascinated and happy. 

The Game Is All About Colour

Colour Psychology says that human beings are aroused when they experience colours. This is the reason that people have different feelings associated with different colours. Since the fireworks are blizzards of various colours at play with each other, they fascinate us. When the chrysanthemum patterned fireworks or the fountain fireworks sprinkle their tiny fireballs like rain droplets, all the rainbow colours come together to create an intriguing show. This is a justifiable reason for human beings to feel fascinated with fireworks.  

Nothing Captures The Essence Of Fireworks

Technology has replaced our hobbies. But one thing technology has been unable to do is experience fireworks through it. We may watch the ethereal show on TVs, new channels, or on laptops. But the camera’s lens hardly does any justice to the transient magic show. We do not feel anything like that as we do when we are experiencing the fireworks live from our balconies or at parks and wherever a clear sky is set up as a canvas for the fire-light show. It makes our stomachs churn and leave our curiosities at a peak. 

Anything that arouses curiosity arouses fascination. Thus, the live experience we go through during a live show of fireworks cannot be experienced in any other way. To be present will always make us feel amazing. 


People have different associations with firework, a play of colours and thunder-like sounds. Philosophy would also suggest that human nature is inclined towards tragedies. Anything that we deem as tragic or shows glimpses of tragedy moves us. In this regard, we may say that fireworks are like a trailer for our fears, excitement and anticipation for the present or the future. Hence, all of these attributes of fireworks displays make us feel fascinated.  

Whatever the reasons for firework making us feel what we feel, one cannot deny their significance in making events more enjoyable and memorable. They add a touch of fantasy and fairytales to our otherwise boring lives.

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