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Which is better MEAN stack vs MERN stack?

Introduction To MEAN Stack

MEAN stack is a popular technological stack available that is useful in full-stack development. In addition, it is a collection of JavaScript technologies useful in building fast and powerful web-based applications. It consists of four technologies that are Mongo DB, Express JS, Angular JS, and Node JS.

Components Of MEAN stack

  • Mongo DB- It is an open-source document and a leading NoSQL database useful for working with large-scale data sets very efficiently. It is written in C++ and stores data in the key-value pair, using binary data types like JSON. In addition, with it, a user can develop an entire application with just one application, i.e., JavaScript.
  • Express JS- It is an open-source backend web application development framework useful for building single or multi-page, and hybrid web applications. It is mature, flexible, and lightweight and provides support for templates using the Pug engine. In addition, it is also useful in creating a simple web server using the Node HTTP package.
  • Angular JS- It is an open-source JavaScript framework useful for introducing MVC(Model View Controller) architecture in a browser-based application. In addition, it results in making the development and testing process easier and allows you to create a smarter web app that supports personalization.
  • Node JS- Node JS helps in creating web servers and building web applications on them. In addition, being lightweight and efficient, it is an ideal tool for developing data-intensive real-time applications that run across distributed devices. Moreover, it provides support for the JavaScript programming language.

Difference Between MEAN Stack & MERN Stack

MEAN Stack consists of four technologies that are Mongo DB, Angular, Express, and Node JS. In addition, it is a JavaScript framework that uses the Typescript language. It has a steep learning curve and it ensures better productivity. Moreover, it is useful in managing and rendering the code and facilitates a bidirectional data flow. MEAN Stack is not for supporting mobile application development. To further know about this technological stack, one can visit MEAN Stack Training in Noida.

MERN stack also comprises four technologies that are MongoDB, React, Express, and Node JS. In addition, it is an open-source JavaScript library that uses JavaScript or JSX language. It ensures better documentation and has a low productivity rate. Moreover, it facilitates smooth rendering and has a unidirectional data flow. Above all, it is capable of supporting mobile development.

Which is better MEAN stack vs MERN stack?

Choosing MEAN Stack is an ideal decision to make for speeding up the web or mobile app development process. It uses JavaScript to complete the whole development process of an application from the frontend to the backend. In addition, the MEAN stack comes with the MVC architecture that helps in easing the heavy work and smooth out the development process. This technology stack is highly flexible toward code transfer within other frameworks and allows you to build a robust framework that supports daily needs. Moreover, it is simple and has an easy learning curve along with vast community support. Various media to small-scale projects prefer it as it facilitates a full development cycle, from the client-side to the server-side.

On the other hand, MERN Stack is the alternative to MEAN and it replaces Angular JS with React JS. It is also capable of building web and mobile applications using standard processes and abilities. In addition, it helps in implementing design thinking along with enhanced expertise in various technologies. It ensures full-fledged development in the shortest time and focuses on improvised solutions by maintaining a compelling user experience. It is best for UI layer abstraction and is an ideal choice for controlling and updating large dynamic JSON data. There are many MERN Stack Training Institutes in Gurgaon and one can enroll in them to learn and start a career in it.


MEAN stack consists of four technologies. These technologies are Mongo DB, ExpressJS, Angular JS & Node JS. It is useful in creating fast and powerful web-based applications. In addition, both MEAN and MERN are reliable frameworks but differ in their structure placement. They both are equally important in conducting their roles and are rapidly growing in popularity as an integral part of Full Stack Development. In conclusion, choosing the right one for you depends on your project requirements.


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