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When do you need to tune up your AC?

Sometimes when waiting on the scheduled time for air conditioner tune-up or when you delay tuning up your AC, it can result in some expensive and inadvertent consequences. The worst-case scenario is your AC breaking down upon the arrival of summer days or when the heat wave starts unannounced. 

Thus, it’s wise to go through a session of air conditioning tune-up in Zephyrhills, FL, during the spring and get your units ready to run at their optimal condition from day one. Forget summer, and you might rely on your AC system every season. So, the smartest way you can keep your cooling units of the HVAC system from shutting down is by scheduling a regular AC inspection with AC service experts. 

The importance of AC tune-ups

Since the AC systems or units mostly stay hidden behind floors and ceilings, you can easily forget about it. That does not mean you should neglect their maintenance altogether. Or the system would run less efficiently and frequently malfunction when running, eventually losing its life cycle. With AC tune-up, your units would operate well through all seasons. AC tuning up would effectively reduce your heating and cooling costs. You would require less AC repair in Zephyrhills, FL and add more years to your system’s life cycle. 

Services included in AC tuning-up

Tune-up for your AC system is performed just as any vehicle tuning service, where the AC technician examines the whole system and addresses several various things. Services for air conditioning installation in Zephyrhills, FL, can also offer tune-up and repair services for any AC type from top to bottom. 

Things that would be taken care of during AC tune-up are cleaning the condenser coils, changing as well as replacing the air filters, flushing the drain, addition of new Freon, replacing damaged or faulty electrical parts, etc. The tune-up process not only repairs issues but catches onto upcoming issues that are still small so that they are easy to fix. 

Signs that indicate you need AC tuning up

Can’t remember the last time you scheduled servicing for your air conditioner? If you are not a pro in identifying what issues your AC system is showing, below are some of the warning signs listed for you to schedule immediate AC tune-up service. 

  • Weird noises from AC when turned on

Usually, AC turns up, making an airflow sound which is a low buzzing noise, nothing unpleasant. But apart from that, if you hear any new sounds, such as hissing, humming, raspy noise, bangings, or whistling, it’s a sign you need air conditioning tune-up in Zephyrhills, FL. The airflow produced might even be obstructed. 

  • High utility bills

If there is an unexpected spike in your utility bills without any significant usage, it’s an indicator that your air conditioner is drawing more energy which happens due to lack of maintenance. In case your AC has low efficiency, it would have weak airflow and not cool the room appropriately. 

  • Bad odor from the AC

Another good sign of needing an AC tuning-up service can be the release of bad odor emissions. The bad smell can be due to various factors, such as wet filters, clogging in the drain line, fungal buildup, and more.  

Sometimes the weather can get extremely sticky. If you want to keep your room’s humidity level in check, turn on the AC. But if it’s not performing right, and the room’s humidity levels are high, know it’s time for an AC tune-up. Regular tune-ups before the season starts can keep your AC performing well with the right airflow, without leakage, clogged drainpipe, etc.

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