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What’s the Difference Between Bees and Wasps?

You and your kids may be at risk from pests like wasps and bees. Honey bees and wasps can confuse. Here are some helpful tips to keep wasps and bees at bay so that your house or place of business is a secure setting for an outside celebration.

Only a small number of the hundreds of wasp, hornet, and bee species identified worldwide are present in Ireland. Additionally, not all of them sting.

If you intend to spend time outside, wasps and bees can become a major annoyance. Finding the ideal local bees pest control agency for your home or place of business may be made easier by understanding the behaviours, life cycle, and appearance of the pests.


Summertime is when wasps are most active. The Common and German Wasps are the most annoying in Ireland. Although hornets are less abundant in this nation, they might mistake for hornets due to their striking yellow and black appearance. Bees and wasps are similar insects. Bees, on the other hand, have furrier coats than wasps and range in colour from golden brown to practically black. The agony of a wasp sting can be excruciating. Wasp females are the only ones with stingers, and they will repeatedly sting a potential threat.

There is probably a wasp nest nearby, either on your property, in your yard, or very close by, if you are seeing a lot of wasps in your house or garden. In the summer, a mature nest may house a large number of wasps.


The planet is home to 20,000 distinct species of bees. Bees live in communities made up of the queen bee, worker bees, and drones. Bees come in a wide variety of varieties, including solitary, honey, bumble, and mason bees. Honey bees found all throughout the world and can dwell in big “families.” The only social insect with a long-lasting colony is the honey bee.

Carpenter bees are one of the most damaging species, these don’t only sting but can damage home greatly. You need to search for “bees specialist brisbane” or “bees pest control near me” the minute you see a beehive inside or around your home.

Are Wasps Harmful?

Wasps often don’t attack until they or their nests are in danger. They are not, however, at all harmless! Because it can trigger a fatal anaphylactic response in certain allergic individuals, its sting is very painful and possibly lethal. You should seek medical attention right once if a wasp sting causes anaphylactic shock. Wasps can represent a concern for the health of children because they frequently construct their nests near places where people live. Children may not be aware of the danger that is present.

Are Bees Harmful?

A honey bee’s stinger can use to sting a prey item or a human. Most of the time, honey bees sting to defend themselves or their hive. For certain persons who are allergic to the venom, their stings can be extremely painful or even fatal. The amount of venom in the sting determines how much agony a person experiences. It’s possible for patients to remain to have a rash after the pain goes away. People who are allergic to honey bee stings may experience major side effects. It has been reported that the venom may make people ill, lightheaded, or even die.

Wasp Nest Removal

It might be quite risky to remove a wasp nest. Threatened wasps inside the nest frequently get hostile. The defence of their nest and young may result in them stinging you and other people. Wasps can eliminate by treating the nest and the nesting wasps, rather than by removing the nest entirely.

Bee Removal

·        Removing Bees from the Walls

To finish the task correctly and prevent future issues, a process is known as “neutralisation”. After elimination, all bees (dead or alive), comb, and honey must completely physically remove from the wall in order to stop further infestations. When no people or animals are nearby, the removal procedure should plan.

To get rid of any smells left behind from the previous colony, thoroughly wash the cavities with soapy water. To enable drying and colony scents to dissipate, it is a good idea to leave the void area exposed for a few weeks, if at all feasible. And to stop recolonization, fill the gap with fibre glass batting or spray foam insulation before closing the wall.

The neutralisation procedure may need to carry out within the building depending on the outer wall architecture, even though exterior wall removal is usually desire.

·        Common Bee Removal Process

Before searching for the “best bee exterminators near me” you should know about the extermination.

The first thing an exterminator will do is inspect your home for bee damage, bee indicators, and active hives or nests. They will meticulously inspect wooden surfaces for damage, pollen surrounding drill holes, and stains if they think you have carpenter bees.

If a pest control specialist finds that you have carpenter bees, they could try a number of measures to get rid of them. They could begin by altering the nesting structure of carpenter bees. This may seem like changing components or covering the wood with a substance that bees cannot dig through. Since carpenter bees seldom drill through treated wood, some people could paint or stain the wood.

Spraying or dusting chemicals into cracks in the wood of your house or entry spots are another typical bee treatment. You may need repeated doses to get rid of the larvae as they develop because this won’t harm the eggs but will gradually kill the adult bees over time.

To guarantee that the bees are completely eliminated, your pest control specialist will typically need to leave your property and continue to watch it.

As you now know, a bee removal specialist is thorough about the removal process because they have the knowledge and the right tool to do so. And because you might not have any of those, it’s better to leave this task to them.

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