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What Makes A Good Web Development Agency?

Web Development Agency

The Etrosoft Web Development Agency industry is often under-appreciated. There are even those who describe it as a “dark art”. If you require assistance turning your ideas and designs into a top-quality website or web application, What do you do to determine who you can able to trust to complete the task? This article gives you some important aspects of what makes an excellent web development company. It will assist you in understanding what kind of questions you need to ask development firms.

This will be an extremely opinionated article, and we do not make any excuses for it. If you are not happy with anything, we’re certainly willing to discuss it further. Let’s get started with the article. Here are the main areas we’ll look at and what you should look for when you are looking for a web development firm.

Ability To Work Through Web Development Agency

We aren’t a fan of front-end developers and developers who do back-end development. This is like having a plumber who installs pipes and delegates the installation of showers, baths, and sinks to another person. 

We think that there is a distinct line between web developers and designers, but there’s a different way of thinking there. However, the idea of separating between the front-end and back-end is not accurate at all. To be a competent web developer, you must be aware of the entire development process and be involved with the project from beginning to completion. There’s a lot to learn from working with different technology, but we’ll move closer to it.

Don’t Be A Specialist In Web Development Agency

Many excellent back-end technologies are suitable for web development, such as Ruby on Rails, ASP.Net, and PHP (and others). Each of them has its strengths and weaknesses, and not any of them is ideal. A reliable web development company must be flexible with the tools they choose to use, ensuring they can choose the most suitable one for their client’s needs.

The primary reason we’ve been able to learn various technologies is the ability to choose and select those we enjoy. Through time, The developers of The League have been able to draw the best parts of each technology and create several best practices to apply them on every platform.

Must-Follow The Guidelines For Best Guidelines

The secret to becoming an effective web developer is not in the tools you choose to use. However, it is the best practice you adhere to. While technologies are changing, in this fast-paced business, these best practices will be in place or, at the very least, change. As a developer, if you have a solid foundation, you’ll be able to keep up with technological advancements quickly.

What are the best practices we’re discussing? Here are a few principal ones we use.

  • Writing semantic HTML
  • Use Web standards to code all front-end programming
  • Automated testing of the back-end and front-end code
  • Use of an MVC framework

The Understanding Of Marketing Strategies That Are Associated With The Projects

There have been complaints repeatedly that web developers don’t consider the marketing strategy for the project. This is usually because developers don’t think about it. They should. What can they do to help clients and help clients come up with the best solution if they’re not contemplating the “bigger picture” (sorry, we’re aware of the sour phrase, but we’ll go to the bathroom right now)? If a developer cannot see the bigger picture and executes their work, it isn’t providing the client with any service. They are simply acting as a puppet.

The most important question that a developer should be asked to a developer is “Why?”. Make sure you understand the client’s needs in full and provide them with advice. After that, if the client can’t comprehend the details of web development, you know. Create the development process into an open dialogue.

Spends The Time And Effort In Development Research

The web industry is a swiftly growing industry—the world changes within the flash of an eye. A reputable web development company provides its developers with the time to study the latest trends and technologies each week. Although some of these technologies and trends are a dead end, you’ll never be able to tell unless you study these topics.

If you’re curious to know whether a web development firm is knowledgeable, ask them what their designers are currently researching. You don’t need to be able to comprehend every word they say; Note them down and search them online to find out whether they are researching the latest trends or not.

R&D is perhaps the essential part of each week for developers. If developers do not evolve the solutions they create, they will be outdated and stagnant rapidly. As a client, do you need outdated solutions before even starting?

Web Development Agency Has A Strict Testing Procedure 

We’ve often observed that clients act as the tester of a project. If this is the case, and you want to put it simply, the company that develops the software doesn’t comprehend your project in a good way; They are simply “banging out” code.

A reliable web development firm should be writing automated tests (integration tests, unit tests, etc.) for their entire code, both front-end and back-end. In a nutshell, testing helps developers focus on the code they’re writing at the moment. They also assist developers in writing better code. The more concise code means that the code base is simpler to understand and is less costly to maintain.

The main benefit of having tested a test suite for the client is that when modifications are made to the project’s program. There’s much more confidence in knowing that the modification or the new code isn’t causing any other problems. We’re not saying that automatized testing will be the magic bullet for web development Tests are only efficient if adequately written. Still, they should be part of every web developer’s toolkit.

Automated tests aren’t just the most crucial aspect of testing. Web development companies should include human testing, too, which clients should be involved in. Moreover, user stories are the critical element in this procedure. When developing a website, clients must work with the company that develops websites to create User stories. Hence, everyone involved is aware of how users interact with the website or application and the outcomes of these interactions.

Flexible Enough To Adapt To Changes

Developers have all complained about how clients’ requirements change the specifications of a project in the middle of an idea. Developers should quit complaining about this. Moreover, it’s all around us and will never change. A reliable web development firm must have procedures that can handle constant changes. You should inquire about how change requests addressed if you’re a client.

Web developers must adhere to short release cycles, typically 1 to 2 weeks. The most unfortunate thing that can happen to a project is that the developers receive the project brief, begin working, and announce that. They’re doing two months later. But the client claims. “This isn’t what I asked for!”. Working to shorter releases. Clients will involved throughout the process. After each release, the client is required to examine the project’s progress and submit any requests for changes.

Use Source Control

Our final recommendation is quite an obvious and straightforward one to most people, yet we meet with developers who don’t utilize any type or method of control over source code. Therefore, this is especially true for freelancers because they don’t understand the need since their only source of who is working in code Etrosoft Website Development Company Toronto. If they think that’s how they view it, they’re in the wrong place.

There are many reasons that the source should control code. Moreover, we’ll only discuss a couple of essential aspects in this article. It’s the first. It’s an excellent way to record any changes made to code. (As the developers add comments in the commit). Additionally, it allows developers to alter code without worrying about losing work already completed. This is particularly useful when trying other ways to code to solve an issue.

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