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What Is the Process of Email List Cleaning and Validation?

Email List Cleaning and Validation

Whether you have a database of existing contacts, customers, or subscribers, aim to begin a cold email marketing campaign, or even plan a targeted audience for your retargeting email campaign, email validation is necessary.

Email validation – is a process that allows you to check if each email address in your database is valid or not, simple as that.

You can even opt for email appending & list-building services to bridge the gaps in your marketing and sales database. To go into more detail, filling the gaps and identifying and fixing the bad and missing data minimizes the bounce rate, prevents junk/spam accounts from signing up, filters spam, and removes abandoned or unresponsive contacts. Building a massive database of clean & valid email addresses with which to aid your marketing efforts is challenging. But to keep the list updated & complete is even more challenging.

Two ways exist for email list cleaning & validation:

  1. Manually: Check each email address manually by identifying errors (if any, syntax, typos, etc.) and then send an email for confirmation. Manually checking options is preferable for companies with small database lists and plenty of free time.
  2. Outsourcing: Outsource email list cleaning & validation service to a reliable company with extensive expertise.

Email list cleaning & validation services, undoubtedly, become a priceless assistant for any email marketing team. The service providers do their work quickly and provide tremendous outcomes.

So, here is the process of data cleaning & validation:

  1. Identify Which Database Need Cleansing

When you initiate email list cleaning, start with the most recent list. Many companies have segmented databases. Thus, start with the latest and the most active one. Yes, data cleansing services & validating the current lists are essential. You need to ensure that only subscribers interested in your company’s content get your emails.

The second comes from your old databases. Opt for an email list cleaning & validation service to ensure all email addresses are still valid & there are no missing gaps. Also, after cleaning lists, send a follow-up or confirmation email to confirm the subscriber is still interested in receiving your emails. Uninterested subscribers are like excess baggage. You are spending time and effort on subscribers who will not convert. 

Note:  You need to clean & validate your database regularly.

  1. Look Over Bounce Rate

Before you initiate email list cleaning & verification, look over your bounce rate. You must have this information as this helps you evaluate the productivity of an email validator. “Zero” is the ideal bounce rate. However, up to 2% bounce rates are acceptable. If the bounce rate exceeds 2%, it’s an alert, and you need to pay special attention.

After cleaning & validating your list, recheck the bounce rate. You can expect a better result this time. But, if the bounce rate stays the same or increases, then the fault is in your content. Most likely, some ISPs believe that the content in your email looks like junk/spam.

  1. Use Email List Cleaning & Verification Tools and Software

Email verification tools & software available on the web don’t require any special knowledge & skills. All these tools come with a low learning curve. You can check the procedure online, simply type the email id in and click “verify.”

Note:  Email verification & validation tools can’t figure out whether your subscriber is interested in your content or not. The tool only ensures that the contract is valid and can receive your message. The rest you need to take care of.

  1. Respond to Alerts

Take a close look at the “alerts” you get through email validators. Then, take appropriate measures to clean & validate what the tool can’t. Finally, follow up and send “information update” requests to your subscribers if you still doubt that the address isn’t valid.

  1. Clean & Validate Your Email Lists Regularly

How often should you clean & validate your email databases? It entirely depends on your email marketing campaign. Suppose you run email marketing campaigns every month; cleaning and validating your email database once every three months is sufficient. If you send messages every week, then you should clean & validate the database at least once a month. If your email marketing campaign involves daily emails, modern businesses outsource data enrichment once a week.
It would be best to consider email appending & list-building services to devise better marketing strategies and widen your client base.  Whether it is for Amazon data entry services or for any other sector.

Note: Even the cleanest databases could ruin your email marketing campaign due to incompleteness.

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