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What Is The Importance Of Dehumidification When You Are Air Conditioning Your Home?

It can make you sweat more during those hot summer nights and days. It’s unpleasant and not the most enjoyable. In London we have plenty of this humid weather. Even inside a climate-controlled home it is possible to experience an increase in humidity. This is not a good thing because of a myriad of reasons.

In addition to the loss of comfort, an increase in excessive air moisture could cause the destruction of your property and building, could have a long-lasting and dramatic negative health effects for your family and may have you feeling a pinch on the wallet also, as your energy bills rise due to operating your air conditioner at the higher temperature more often to mitigate the adverse effects.

Any levels that are higher than this are harmful and inefficient.

Fortunately indoor humidity can be controlled by dehumidification (or raised in dry winter with humidification). There are other times of the season when your indoor climate isn’t required to be heated or cooling to maintain the right temperature However, it might still require humidity control.

Let’s take a look at the issues high humidity levels could bring to your health, well-being and the comfort of your home

  •         A damp home is an ideal breeding ground for allergens, such as mould, dust mites and mildew
  •         You could be prone to a variety of signs of asthma or allergies.
  •         Your body won’t be able to cool efficiently because humidity isn’t allowing your sweat to evaporate rapidly.
  •         Tiny dark spots (mould spores) can form on the walls, or in humid areas such as the shower or bath tub.
  •         Mould can also spread in a hazard-free environment, such as furniture or clothing.
  •         Mildew or musty scents can persist in humid environments.
  •         Water stains can appear on the ceilings and walls of your home.
  •         You may notice a lot of condensation on windows in specific regions of your home.
  •         You’ll encounter higher than normal humidity in rooms that have poor air circulation or there is no ventilation

The Advantages Of Dehumidification

In light of these environmental and health issues, it’s easy to understand the benefits of having a proper humidity level in your indoor surroundings encompass a wide range of areas… starting from personal comfort to the well-being and wellbeing of the family. Here’s the reason why removing the excessive moisture in the air by dehumidification is crucial for air conditioning in your home.

Comfort Levels Have Been Improved

It’s obvious to say that dehumidification decreases the humidity, and consequently that the level of comfort is immediately higher.

You’ll notice a decrease in clamminess, sweatiness, less shivering and less exhaustion, because the air feels less heavy.

A Healthy Home

In simple terms it lets you breathe more easily.

Common triggers for allergies such as dust mould, mildew, and mites thrive in a high humidity atmosphere. Therefore, if you or a family member has asthma or allergies, extreme humidity can greatly aggravate symptoms. These allergens could cause a healthy individual to become unwell. The most common reactions to these moist-loving allergens are:

  •         a stuffy nose
  •         Itchy eyes, watery eyes
  •         Sneezing, wheezing and difficulty breathing
  •         skin eruptions
  •         a diminished immune system
  •         reduced immunity to allergies in the respiratory system and infection
A Better Indoor ‘Smell’

Clean air indoors that is not damp mould and mildew has a fresh, inviting scent. Dehumidification reduces the smell which can be associated with mildew and mould that can be found in your home, eliminating the “musty” stink.

Fabrics And Clothes That Are Safe

In excess humidity or moisture, your home may cause mould to grow on furniture, clothing, bedding, towels, bed linen curtains, and other fabric. Dehumidification is a solution to this issue.

Protected Property

Dehumidification can protect your home and property as well – meaning there won’t be any indications of corrosion or rust on equipment like computers as well as electronics and tools.

Fresher And More Delicious!

A less humid climate at home can mean that clothes dry quicker as well as cereals and breads will stay fresher for longer, without becoming stale.

Reduced Time For Cleaning

Dehumidification can help reduce dust within your home. This means that you don’t need to clean as often.

Lower Energy Costs

Dehumidification can lower your energy bills as it makes the air conditioner run more effectively. But, by flicking the air conditioning repair London option it will be possible to adjust your thermostat to an increased temperature, thereby cutting down on energy use and costs.

Goodness, It’s Humid Here Today!

We’ve all heard that. We’ve all felt the repercussions. If you’re considering the possibility of a new commercial air conditioning repair, think about how important dehumidification could be for you as well as your family and home.

The factors that determine your predisposition to asthma or allergies as well as other health issues including respiratory issues will definitely contribute to making a decision and also your personal convenience, freshness, and the savings in energy you could benefit from a more smooth running air cooling unit.


Some of the most sophisticated split and ducted systems of commercial air conditioning maintenance units provide the most modern technology.

In some systems, you can turn on the dehumidification of your house environment by a single click of the remote control that is user-friendly. So , if the humidity consumes your energy for a short time and you’re not able to leave the couch you can’t get more simple than this!

Mark Steven

At Aircon Company UK, Mark Steven is a marketing consultant with a far-sighted vision and an open-minded approach. Mark contributes to Air Con's brand exposure, reputation, and commercial success. Aside from that, he is eager to contribute his knowledge by writing blogs about the sector.

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