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What is organic farming? its advantages

What is organic farming, what is its importance, and how it is beneficial for us, today we will know all this information through this article. And to maintain the fertility of the land, crop rotation, green manure, compost, etc. are used. Human health is very closely related to organic farming, due to this method of farming, the body remains comparatively more healthy. Due to this, the life of a person also increases and the next generation also remains healthy.  Biosoilz

The use of pesticides and fertilizers makes the crop poisonous, it has a very bad effect on health, that is why organic farming should be done because it does not spoil the crop and health, compost is a type of food which is obtained by decomposition of organic matter. The easiest way to make compost is to make a pile of organic matter and wait for some time. Due to this, it disintegrates, after which it turns into the humerus. The modern method of making compost is accomplished in several stages.

Some things related to organic farming:

Crop diversity

Different crops can be cultivated together to meet the growing demand.

Soil management

After growing crops in the fields, the soil loses its nutrients and its quality also decreases. Organic agriculture helps in increasing the health of the soil.

Weed management

Organic agriculture helps reduce weeds.

Controlling other organisms

The farm contains both useful and harmful organisms that affect the area. To protect the crop and soil, the growth of organisms needs to be controlled. This is done using herbicides and insecticides that contain very few chemicals. Huh.


Domestic animals are used in maintaining the sustainability of organic farming.

Genetic modification

Genetic modification is not used in organic agriculture because organic farming is based on natural laws.

Importance of organic farming

Organic farming is of great importance in today’s era because-

  • Organic farming can save natural resources.
  • By doing organic farming, the production of agriculture remains sustainable.
  • It also plays a very important role in making the environment pollution free.
  • Organic farming also helps in maintaining the quality of the soil.
  • It is also possible to reduce the cost of production by adopting organic farming methods.
  • There is no effect on human health doing organic farming.

What are the benefits of doing organic farming?

These are the main reasons for doing organic farming –

  • As a result of organic farming, crops are also produced more efficiently.
  • It is also important to note that organic manure greatly improves the soil’s quality.
  • The use of chemical fertilizers in the fields also reduces the cost of growing the crop.
  • Its use also increases the irrigation interval of agriculture, due to organic farming, the water level of the land increases.
  • In organic farming, waste is used to make manure, which also reduces diseases caused by waste.
  • It also reduces pollution through the soil, food, and water in the ground.
  • Organic farming reduces the cost of production and increases income.
  • The evaporation of water from the ground is also less.
  • The adoption of organic farming increases the fertility of the land.
  • Organic products are in high demand in the international market.

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