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What is Network Operating System (NAS)?

No computer can function without a hard drive; hence, it is the core element of performance. Over the years, cloud technology has proven to be a replacement for saving work files online. However, cloud storage may not be available at all times. Moreover, for the same purpose, Network Operating System hard drive or simply NAS hard drive is used. As far as networking and the business world is concerned, they cannot survive without NAS hard drive. 

Difference between Ordinary vs. NAS hard drive

The hard drives we use in our daily lives are different from the ones used in the NAS. However, some people choose to buy an ordinary hard drive for the sake of saving money. What they do not realize is that it does not support NAS based on the way its design and functionality. Hence, they end up regretting their decision. NAS hard drives are more capable and reliable, compared to desktop ones. Hence, this is the reason why they are more suited to the NAS settings. The purpose of a NAS hard drive is to provide higher speeds and operations. Furthermore, this hard drive is also known for its budget-oriented approach, besides reliability and stability. No matter whether you have a small business or an enterprise, you will certainly need a NAS hard drive to keep your affairs on the go. However, a few of the NAS hard drives are designed to benefit larger organizations. One may also use them for the home settings, depending on the scenario. One of the wisest decisions an entrepreneur can take is to invest in NAS hard drives. This action will benefit the company or enterprise in the long term. It may also turn out to benefit the startups as well offering them connectivity on a 24/7 basis. You can connect a variety of devices at once through NAS, including laptops, mobile devices, and desktops.

Important Features of NAS Hard Drive

  • Enhanced storage capacity

The first important feature that acts as an advantage of a NAS hard drive is that it has better storage capacity. This also helps in increasing the efficiency of the hard drive because of the sufficient space available inside. Many computers and laptops do not find the operations smoother because of limited storage capacity.

  • Collaborate flawlessly

While there are, several advantages related to using a NAS hard drive. However, one such advantage is that it can help your PC to collaborate flawlessly.

  • Private cloud storage

Storage can always be done locally and private cloud storage is a necessity. You cannot undermine the aspect of cloud storage. It is as convenient as it may come for storing important information. However, it is also risky to use it to save any sensitive information. Hence, you may end up regretting the decision.

  • Operates Continuously 24/7

As mentioned previously, people try to make use of desktop hard drives for NAS. But it is not a recommended practice. This is because a desktop hard drive may not operate on the same level, as does the NAS hard drive. When you place a desktop hard drive for the NAS, it will fail ultimately. This is due to its inability to perform long-term operations consistently.   

Seagate vs. Western Digital NAS Hard Drives

  • Seagate Hard Drives

  • ST8000VNB022

ST8000VNB022 is the NAS hard drive from Seagate. Its product line is IronWolf with manufacturing part no. ST8000VNB022. It is an internal hard drive consisting of a storage capacity of 8 TB and a form factor of 3.5 inches. It also consists of 256 MB, whereas its spindle speed is 7200 RPM. It also consists of drive interface type SATA 6.0 Gbps with an average seek time of 8.5 ms.

  • 1H4167-505

The second NAS hard drive from Seagate is 1H4167-505. It belongs to the product line ‘Enterprise’ with a storage capacity of 3 TB. Furthermore, the cache it consists of is 64 MB, whereas the spindle speed of 7200 RPM (rotations per minute). It has a drive interface type of SATA with 6.0 Gbps.

The other features related to 1H4167-505 NAS hard drive include On-the-fly Error-correction Algorithms, Native Command Queuing (NCQ), and Perpendicular Recording Technology.

Western Digital NAS Hard Drives


WDBYBL0040HNC-NASN is a NAS hard drive from Western Digital brand. Its product line is known as Expansion Kit with 4TB storage capacity. Furthermore, it is a drive having a dimension of 3.5 inches that serves as a form factor. It further has a spindle speed of 5400 RPM with an average seek time of 14 ms. WDBYBL0040HNC-NASN has a cache of 32 MB, while the drive interface type is SATA 6.0 GBPS.

  • WD50EFRX

WD50EFRX is another NAS hard drive from Western Digital, product line RED. It is an internal hard drive with a storage capacity of 5 TB. Furthermore, it consists of a 3.5-inch form factor and 64 MB cache. It has an average seek time of 14 ms and a spindle speed of 5400 RPM. The drive interface type of WD50EFRX is SATA 6.0 GBPS. It also has features such as 24/7 operational reliability, advanced format, and active power management.   

  • WD50EFRX

The last NAS hard drive from Western Digital is WD50EFRX, which comes from the RED product line. It is an internal hard drive with 5TB storage and a 3.5-inch form factor. Furthermore, it also has a cache of 64 MB, whereas it also has a spindle speed of 5400 RPM. The hard drive also consists of a SATA 6.0 GBPS drive interface type having an average seek time of 14 ms. Other aspects included within WD50EFRX include 24/7 operational reliability, advanced format (AF), and Active Power Management.

  • Hitachi

  • 0S03666

0S03666 is a NAS hard drive from Hitachi from the product line Deskstar. It has a storage capacity of 4 TB with a form factor of 3.5 inches. It further consists of a spindle speed of 7200 having an average seek time of 8.5 ms. This hard drive is also known for SATA 6.0 GBPS. The other features it consists of include within are Enhanced Rotational Vibration Safeguard (RVS) and 24×7 Accessibility for RPM, while Enterprise-class.

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