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What is cross-platform app development?

What is Cross-Platform App Development?

Cross-platform apps are at the forefront of the popularity of mobile app development. Its ability to use multiple mobile platforms allows beginners to save costs and reduce development time. In this article, you will learn more about cross-platform app development and how it can significantly improve launch.

Do you know how many smartphone users there are in the United States? US smartphone users are estimated to reach 275.66 million by 2020. What’s more, 80% of their mobile time is spent on mobile apps.

Not surprisingly, mobile app development is growing in demand. Businesses that enter the race by building mobile apps can launch them on the Google Play Store and Apple Play Store to benefit more from their competitors. When we say mobile apps, it comes with two options: native and cross-platform. Today, we will discuss the cost and efficiency of these two cross-platform apps.

What are Cross-Platform apps?

Cross-platform apps are mobile applications designed to work on most mobile platforms. These apps are compatible with more than one operating system, such as iOS and Android.

With the development of a mixed-platform mobile app, developers can create applications that can run on different platforms with a single code system. It means that the company can deliver the product faster and with better quality. Compatible with a variety of mobile applications, the app can reach a wider audience. Its rapid development, turnaround time, and economical quality make it very suitable for launch. Building a cross-platform app can help with common challenges in developing mobile applications.

Native vs. Cross-Platform

Choosing between the development of a Native mobile app and a different platform is a constant debate for developers. In their approach, both parties have advantages and disadvantages. Indigenous applications are very different from cross-platform systems. One of the significant differences in the reliability of mobile applications is the use of a single operating system. Indigenous applications use a specific programming language for the operating system — Objective-C for iOS and Java for Android.

Indigenous applications are considered superior compared to cross-platform apps. This mobile apps work faster and offer a higher level of reliability. This is expected of applications with only one operating system. Designed specifically to match layout, UI, and functions that take advantage of the mobile platform.

However, creating a traditional app can be very expensive in the beginning. This is the reason why the advantages of cross-platform apps surpass traditional applications. Since traditional apps are built on only one platform, companies are forced to make duplicate versions of the app that can be applied to other forums. This process requires additional development time and developer costs. Instead of spending a lot of time and money upgrading multiple versions of apps, developers prefer single-cross-code applications to run one application across the platform.

Cross-platform development technology is constantly innovating to build better applications. At the moment, there are many tools and technologies that app developers can use to create multi-platform applications that can work in the same way as native apps. The choice between a traditional framework and a different forum depends largely on the current state of your business. Measure the pros and cons of both components and see what works best.

To help with that, here is a brief overview of how a cross-platform app development.

Select Cross-Platform Development Tool

As mentioned earlier, there are many tools and technologies that developers can use to build quickly and reliably. And here are a few popular tools to choose from:

React Native

This multi-platform framework was launched by Facebook in 2015. React Native has caused a huge wave in the mixed-use trend. Since its inception, it has become one of the most popular mobile application development platforms.

However, it is due to its code reusable feature and ready-to-use features that significantly shorten the development time. Also, this framework can provide a custom-like visual interface that users prefer.


Xamarin is the oldest cross-platform framework on this list, launched in 2011. The framework was independent but was later acquired by Microsoft. Xamarin is an open-source framework that uses C # code, which means it can work on any platform, including Android and iOS.


Flutter is the latest in a series of three-part series. This is another open-source, multi-platform framework that easily creates traditional connections for Android and iOS. This framework is suitable for beginners to build a small functional product (MVP). Instead of creating two separate Android and iOS apps, you can create Flutter cross-platform apps that look native to both platforms.

Deal With Multiple Areas

Note that the platforms are different. Yes, you built one multi-platform app, but keep in mind that these platforms have different requirements. You will find UI guides, field-specific attributes (screen size, keyboards, touch, touch, etc.), and device-specific features (camera, maps, social media apps, etc.).

Do not concentrate on your reading in one place; and, they are varied. Once you are familiar with the guidelines and requirements for all platforms, you can confidently create a platform application across all search engines.


Never leave the testing process. Before publishing or launching an app on the market, be sure to do a thorough mobile app review. You must perform various test levels to confirm the intended test results. First test the developer level unit, then do a beta test.

Looking for Cross-Platform Developers?

In creating a mobile app, you need to remember two important things. Another application speed, and then user information. You should make sure you monitor the download speed of your mobile application, as well as the performance of the application.

Yes, indeed, different field tools may duplicate the functionality of native applications, but this will depend on how talented your developer is. If you want to launch the most attractive and reliable cross-platform apps, you need to hire skilled and experienced application developers. It would be better if you hire developers from Full Scale.

We know the long and tedious process of evaluating and selecting the right engine for your team. All you have to do is tell us what kind of developer you need, and we will provide you with a list of developers to choose from. Our developers are on top of their game. They have extensive experience in developing mobile applications, years of experience, and an excellent tracking record.

You choose your team and monitor its progress at all stages of development. Thus, you eliminate the busy hiring process and focus your time on the most important new things for your startup. What are you waiting for? Schedule a FREE consultation now!

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