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What Does The Purple Ring Light Mean On Amazon Alexa Device?

You can be overwhelmed after seeing different rings including Alexa purple ring on the smart speaker if you are a new user. If you are unaware of these rings and looking for the information about “What does the purple ring light mean on Amazon Alexa device?” In this article, you will be familiar with the appropriate reasons and solutions for the Alexa Purple Ring issue.

What Really Does Alexa Purple Ring Means?

As you know that the smart speaker shows different varieties of colors. These colors appear as per the action or issues that the device is going through. One of the most common rings i.e. blue indicates that the Alexa is processing the command. However, there are some colors such as purple that do not appear often or flash. The Alexa Purple Ring basically indicates that the “Do Not Disturb Mode” is turned on.

Get Tips To Solve Alexa Purple Ring Issue

So, we will now here in this article continue discussing about some solutions that can help you to overcome the purple ring on Set Up Alexa device. Before giving you the tips we would like to clear you to follow the guidelines properly. There are many users who do not follow the solutions accurately and face the same issue. So, just remember this…


Do Reboot

Some the time, there are interior glitches that create problems for the user. Even if you will take your gadget to the technician, they will also prefer to do rebooting at the very first. This is really a great and easy way to overcome Purple or any ring on the Alexa. We are hoping that you will be free from this ring just by giving a reboot to your device.

Check Out The Internet

Hey, it was nothing but just the Internet problem that causes trouble sometimes. It can be truly possible that your device is creating trouble for you just because of the low network. But you just be calm, there is nothing to be freak off. First, just check the speed of the Internet and fix its stability. To fix stability kindly remove the barriers from the way between the router and the smart speaker.

Update Your Device

There are most of the time, old version issue of the device that leads to Alexa purple ring. If you are also facing a similar problem then expectedly updating will help you to solve this trouble. While updating the device kindly make sure to check the Internet once. Otherwise you will not be able to update your device properly.

Turn Off Do Not Disturb Mode

OK, So in the wake of doing all of the above advances still you generally disapprove of your Device then, Don’t stress now you will escape this issue. Only you need to cripple the “Don’t upset” mode which is really making this issue. We should perceive how to go to empower mode to impair mode. We will make you extremely clear by exceptionally simple tasks to investigate:

  • Open your Alexa App
  • Presently, go to the setting segment.
  • Impair Do not upset mode.
  • I don’t upset it when it is switched off, utilize the flip to turn it on.
  • Tap Start and end to choose the times.

Do Amazon Echo Setup

Proper setup is very important. If your device hasn’t been done with proper setup then you will definitely go through with difficulties. Do proper Amazon Echo setup as soon as possible, follow the steps:

  • Connect the power cable to the device.
  • Then open the Alexa app.
  • Click on more option
  • Then select add device.
  • Click on Alexa and follow the instructions.

Coming To The Conclusion

Would you find solving Alexa purple ring issue easy with the help of this post? Wow, that’s great, this is all that we want. Now, you are totally free to get complete access to the smart speaker. We wish that next time if purple ring blinks on your smart gadgets then you will be able to solve it just in a pinch.

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