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What are the major advantages of securing documents with blockchain?

The need to secure and manage documents in this era of digitization is becoming crucial. Every organization has to deal with tons of data and documents be it paper or digital artefacts like educational certificates, birth/death certificates, agreements/MOU, health records, driving licences etc. Inefficiency in securing and managing data is evident. Here blockchain technology can come to the rescue. This technology can be one of the powerful technologies to store and securely manage documents & many other records. A blockchain document security system efficiently secures your valuable documents.

What is blockchain technology and why to use it?

A blockchain is a system for recording and storing information like documents or files in a way which makes it hard for anyone to modify or hack the system. It is a digital ledger which is distributed across computer systems on the blockchain. It is wise to consider blockchain technology to record data as it has wide implications to secure & authenticate valuable certificates with greater efficiency. Securing documents with blockchain becomes easy. The documents in digital formats can be easily copied and modified. So it is hard to trust. You can get many services and products offering verified and secured document management but these are costly and involve third parties. Blockchain can enable users to engage in reliable transactions with the security and integrity of digital assets. Blockchain technology ensures the best document security while you use it.

Have a look at the advantages of using blockchain to secure documents:

a) Data integrity

The stored data is permanent and immutable in the blockchain and can not be deleted or modified. It makes this technology meet vital data integrity needs. You can use blockchain for creating a strong cryptographic hash which works as the data reference check for records or documents, signatures or workflows. If someone changes anything, the hash stops working. You can also use secure QR codes that are different and advanced from normal QR codes. If you embed these secure QR codes into the documents, no one can change or tamper with data. In this way, blockchain makes your valuable documents incorruptible without any breaches. With the help of an e-certificate generator, you can generate e-certificates and secure them with blockchain.

b) Resistance to forgery

Due to the encryption feature of blockchain, this technology is considered the most secured & forgery-resistant system. The blocks in the blockchain are cryptographically linked which provides record immunity against forgery and tampering. Did you know that the specific “hash” value of blockchain is as secured as biometrics/DNA?. So you can stay assured that no one can forge your blockchain-secured documents. Users can use tamper-proof digital certificate makers to generate digital certificates and secure them through blockchain.

c) Decentralisation

The absence of middlemen or third parties prevents you from trusting or relying on a central authority. It is one of the benefits that blockchain provides to users.

We hope that this blog has helped you to get insights into the advantages blockchain offers to users for securing documents seamlessly. Mainly the third-party providers are dominating the market of document security storage. It is becoming quite risky to trust them. While the blockchain document security system can be trusted, as it can not be hacked and is immutable.

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