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What Are The Drawbacks Of Cladding A Building’s Facade?

Much has been said and said regarding the relationship between facade panel composite and fire safety. The dangers of fire safety might rise when combustible materials are employed as facade panel composite or when components are put inappropriately. However, if you make the appropriate pick, facadebeklædning komposit might be a fully safe option. Knowing the facts helps making the best decision easier.

Wood plastic composite wall panels are manufactured from a blend of plastic, natural fibre, and additives utilising advanced machinery. It uses a precise combination of natural fibre and plastic to keep the natural look of wood while incorporating brilliant plastic hues. In a range of applications, wood plastic composite external facade panel composite has steadily replaced wood and plastic.

The dangers of flammable materials in facade panel composite 

facade panel composite

If combustible materials are used in facade panel kompositbrædder or insulation, a fire in a high-rise structure or a high-risk building might have disastrous results. If a fire develops, combustible objects can contribute to the spread of smoke. And it raise the chance of the fire spreading to further floors or rooms. The fire will spread and escape routes will be clogged, making it hard to exit the structure.

Furthermore, when flammable materials burn, they emit a certain quantity of harmful gases. The exact amount is determined by the substance. And the amount of oxygen available, and the length of time it takes to burn. Toxic vapors are harmful to anyone who is exposed to them at sufficiently high levels for an extended period of time. As a result, poisonous gases cause more deaths from flames than the fires themselves.

Why should non-combustible facade panel composite be used on high-rise and high-risk structures?

A fire can have disastrous implications for both high-rise and high-risk structures. It is critical that (fire) safety receives full attention in tall buildings. And other areas where many people live, sleep, and work. To safeguard (vulnerable) users, risks must be reduced.

Flammable facade panel composite’s dangers

Drawbacks Of Cladding

When flammable materials are used as facade panel composite and/or insulation, the chance of a fire spreading through the facade, producing more hazardous smoke, or spreading to adjacent floors rises. Furthermore, if flammable materials are not put properly, these hazards may grow even further.

Prevent fires from spreading in high-rise and high-risk structures.

Only non-combustible construction materials should be used in high-rise and high-risk structures to ensure fire safety. Make that you select the appropriate insulation, facade panel composite, substrate, and other materials. There are no dangers related with facade panel composite or insulation as long as non-combustible materials (Euroclass A1 and A2) are utilized. These materials do not contribute to the spread of flames and ensure that the facade is constructed in accordance with the most stringent fire safety regulations.

Is facade panel composite safe?

It is usually ideal to pick non-combustible materials for facade panel composite to fulfill the highest possible fire safety regulations (and insulation). Always follow the manufacturer’s directions while installing them. The greatest method to avoid dangers is to entirely eliminate them. As a result, only non-combustible facade panel composite materials should be used in all phases of a construction project, from design to completion.


Make your structures fire-resistant and future-proof. Remove any potential hazards in today’s or tomorrow’s high-rise and high-risk structures.

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