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What are the benefits of using the Digital Assessment platform?

What are the benefits of using the Digital Assessment platform?

ERP campus solutions are gaining momentum among institutes due to the rising e-learning programs and distance learning courses offered by them.  Hence several institutes are adopting the system because of its several benefits.  A few of them are given below-

Reduced Faculty Workload-

The online assessment platform reduces all faculty workload by automating the entire process of examination. The teachers can create question papers online and send invites to the students.

Reduced Faculty Workload

The institutes do not have to assign invigilators to monitor the students in every class. Here the online examination system monitors the students in run time and takes screenshots of students’ activities at frequent intervals. This ensures that no student is attempting any malpractices during the exam.

Further, the software automatically evaluates all the students for their exam performance and reports in a short time. It also gives feedback to the students based on their performance which helps the teachers to guide them. 

High Security-

The increase in cyber attacks with rising digitization has made the institutes take extra efforts to ensure online data security. The online assessment software is based on a cloud platform that offers high security and privacy of data.

The system gives role-based access to students and teachers based on their responsibilities in the institute. It is highly secure and easy to use for anyone in the institute. 

Safe Examinations-

The online assessment software provides the institutes with proctoring technology which ensures that the examinations are secure. It helps them to maintain the integrity of the institute by conducting the fair examination.

The system conducts run-time monitoring of students to ensure that they are not attempting any cheating practices during the exam. Further, the software makes use of students’ device cameras to track their activities.  The system does not require physical space to store the data.

Streamlines Processes-

The teachers just have to conduct the mandatory tasks. The system collects student applications online along with their ID verification, marks certificates, degrees, and personal information.

The software also conducts automatic evaluations and helps the students to improve their performance by giving valuable and accurate feedback after the exam. It helps the teachers to focus on teaching-learning and guiding the students.

Cost Saving-

The online examination system helps the institutes to save up on the cost of the examination. It enables them to eliminate the cost of the pen, paper, and classrooms for examination. The system conducts remote exams and requires students to have a mobile/laptop and internet connection. 

Cost Saving

The system is a one-time investment that does not require any subscription or set-up costs. It offers a high return on investment. The system conducts exams for high concurrency of students.The institutes can admit a larger number of students in the institute due to the ERP campus solution and online assessment software.


The online assessment software helps the institute conduct examinations with ease and security. The system generates easy reports in the required format for data analysis. Further, during the exam, students can connect with the teachers using the online chat option in case of any technical issues or difficulties faced by them.


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