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What are the benefits of using real marble tiles in your home?

sWhen selecting a natural stone material for your home, you need to consider the benefits of each material option. What is the most durable? What best fits the budget? Which stone do you like the look of? For many homeowners, the answer to these questions is real marble countertops!

Real Marble is durable and long-lasting.

Real marble is a solid material, which is why it is an excellent addition to any home. Because it is a natural stone, it resists scratching, cracking, and breaking more than its artificial counterparts. Marble, especially in worktops, is remarkably resistant to heat. It tends to stay cool all the time and never catches fire or burns. Hot pots and saucer should always be place on a counter or mat to avoid burning the marble surface. Still, you don’t have to worry about them breaking due to the high temperature. Being so durable means cleaning and making this beautiful natural stone relatively easy. It doesn’t collect dirt, dust, and dander-like materials like wood or carpet, and many consider it an allergy reducer.

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Real marble goes well with any design.

Despite its durability, real marble is still softer than other natural stone materials, such as granite. This gives it the ability to shape and carve easily. Because of this, marble is the perfect material no matter what you are building and works perfectly with intricate designs. Plus, marble comes in various colors, patterns, and textures, so you’re sure to find one you like. Partly because of this variety, marble grew as a common building material.

Aesthetic design in real marble!

Real marble has been a popular home-building material in the modern world for decades and has brought class and luxury to every home. Whether it’s your home’s interior design style or the unique shape of your kitchen, marble fits any design aesthetic. When thinking about how marble will work in your home, remember that having familiar stone material in your home is great for resale, as unpopular options could turn potential buyers away.

Real Marble is affordable.

There is a perception that natural stone is out of the price range of many homeowners, but the opposite is often true. Marble can be costly, but prices vary. Carrera marbles – classic white wither – tend to be the most affordable. Prices may vary based on your project, including thickness, finish, and board size. Before crossing marble off your list of potential home materials, look at the color and pattern you want. You might just be surprise by the price!

Moreover, natural marbles is a significant investment. Although they are expensive, the return on investment is high as it increases the real estate value of your home. You will find that your home’s selling price often increases when marbles is in the mix.

Advantages of real marble for kitchen and bathroom projects

Authentic Beauty – While faux porcelain and quartz can mimic the look of real marbles, nothing beats the beauty of the real thing. If you’re after a bold, unique stone with prominent veining, marbles is the winning choice.

Durability – With professional installation and proper maintenance, marbles will hold up well over time. Resistant to heat and cracking, it can be relied upon to impact the kitchen or bathroom and around the fireplace.

Affordability – Marbles are a premium material that varies widely depending on your choice. The cost may vary depending on the type of marbles, the work involved, and details such as edge profiles and polishing. This means we can always help you find an option that suits your design and budget.

Adaptability – Because marbles is softer than granite, it is much easier to shape its edges. You can choose from various unique edge profiles to customize your marbles slabs and add interesting texture.

Real marble has High impact and weather resistance.

The natural marbles extracted from the quarries is transported directly to the factories. There, the stone is prepared for use in construction. In addition, the material is harden during the production process using preparation exclusively for natural stone. This improves its physical properties.

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Wide range of natural color grooves of real marble

There are so many colors and design around the world currently mine that contain marbles. Talking about marbles is always very general; there are so many types of marbles that we have to specify its name to identify the color we are talking about. Sometimes the name of the marbles is given by its color, such as in these two cases: marbles refers to beige marbles, but talking Dark Emperor Marbles conveys to us brown marbles, and we could name infinity.  Real marble of each of them with its characteristic color.

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