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What are the advantages to install flow control valves?

Do you want to control and adjust the volume of airflow in a pneumatic system? Flow control valves are the ideal ones. These valves are used for adjusting the speed of the actuator’s operation. Do not get confused with regulators or controllers. If you want to purchase flow control valves, reach out to a reliable supplier of flow control valves in the Middle East and GCC region. Read this blog to explore more about flow control valves.

What are flow control valves?

For water transmission especially for potable and drinking water, control valves play a pivotal role in the water system. Flow valves are compact and are majorly used for controlling the hydraulics flow rates. Flow control valves are designed for controlling the water flow in various pipelines. These valves regulate the valve automatically to balance. flow control valves are usually diaphragm actuated and hydraulically operated. The control mechanism which is used with the control valve helps in determining the valve’s application.

What is the main purpose of installing flow control valves?

The main purpose of installing flow control valves – is to decrease or increase the fluid flow rate by closing or opening the present changeable aperture. If we talk about hydraulic circuits, flow control valves can affect the actuators’ function. In simple words to put – these control valves regulate the speed and the speed gets regulated via the flow rate. Many flow control valves offer the option to restrict or block the liquid flow fully by lowering its stem. Due to the finest threading stem and big seat area, flow control valves permit accurate resistance for fluid flow.

Usage of flow control valves in our household:

One of the common examples of using flow control valves is the household tap. The flow regulating valves in our household tap consists of flow adjustment screws with a ball. When you rotate the screw, the orifice area may get varied. When the orifice area gets increased by rotation of the flow adjustment screw, fluid passes via the passage.

What are the advantages of installing flow control valves?

These are the main advantages which flow control valves offer:

  1. Allows no Clogging

Flow control valves do not restrict the liquid flow. So, deposits, dust, and small particles do not get clogged by obstructing the fluid flow because of the unique design of such valves.

  1. Cost-efficient solution

Flow control valves provide a cost-efficient solution for flow concerns.

  1. Environmental-friendly valves

To meet environmental standards, flow control valves are best. These valves are environmentally friendly and reduce natural resource wastage. Thus you can use potable or drinking water judiciously.


We hope you have liked reading this blog about one of the vital components – flow control valves. If you want to control the fluid flow rates, flow control valves are the best valves to use. These valves come in various sizes, shapes & designs. Select the one as per your needs and application. Get in touch with one of the top suppliers of flow control valves.

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