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What are the Advantages of Using a Security Operation Center(SOC) Service Provider?

A 24/7 Security Operations Center (SOC) has long been recognized as an essential component of an effective cybersecurity strategy. The SOC in cyber security is to monitor, prevent, detect, investigate, and respond to cyber threats 24/7. Supported by technology and people, SOC establis

hes the ability to identify, investigate and remediate targeted cyber threats.

With increased attack surface, alert fatigue, lack of cyber skills, and compliance with top CISO priorities, a modern SOC is needed more than ever. In 2020, 80% of surveyed IT and security professionals said SOC was important.

The market is changing, and for a good reason, but there are also obstacles. Building, staffing, and operating an effective SOC is time-consuming, expensive, and complex for all but a few organizations. As such, businesses are increasingly paving the way for SOC-as-a-Service providers.

Why is SOC-as-a-Service becoming more popular?

SOC-as-a-Service (SOCaaS) offers all the benefits of a dedicated 24/7 SOC without the high cost, complexity, and frustration of building, staffing, and managing a SOC. A managed SOC service enables organizations to offload the people, processes, and technology required to operate and manage a SOC externally and deliver it as a cloud-based service.

What is SOCaaS?

The concept is straightforward. Instead of doing all the above tasks in-house, companies outsource all of these to external third parties. This is very similar to what is known as vCISO as a Service. Companies don’t have to spend much money to hire and maintain a dedicated CISO; they can outsource a CISO for a set period for a flat fee. These options allow businesses to put more money in their pockets without straining small office IT departments or makeshift IT staff.

What is SOCaaS?

The third-party works with the current IT security staff to learn their cyber security practices and, from there, manage all threat monitoring and risk mitigation, freeing up IT resource to do what else. So that you can deal with it. People outside of IT or senior management often wonder how much work a standard IT department can do with a tight or limited budget, with more and more tasks and responsibilities added. What are you doing? This can lead to significant security risks when IT departments are overwhelmed and stressed.

This makes SOCaaS invaluable for many enterprises.

It is important to remember that with a reputable SOCaaS, enterprises can engage with individuals with deep knowledge and high skills in ever-evolving and ever-challenging security technologies.

Advantages of Using a SOCaaS Provider

Advantages of Using a SOCaaS Provider

Using aSOCaaS has many strategic benefits, especially when combined with those provided by third-party software developers. SOCaaS

providers look deeper into the APIs, report any vulnerabilities, and offer solutions to fix them quickly.

Improving Endpoint Security

Many organizations concerned with maintaining a high level of security in their network communication paths tend to overlook the endpoints where those connections originate and terminate. Cyber ​​attackers are aware of this and are prime targets. Our SOCaaS team has the deep knowledge and expertise to harden these endpoints, improving your security posture.

Approach to Additional Information

Beyond filtering fake threats by IT security personnel, SOCaaS teams have access to other information and data that can use for strategic initiatives such as building artificial intelligence (AI) tools. I have access to the feed. Combining data from various sources provides a more comprehensive and realistic view of the cybersecurity threat landscape.

Conclusion –

One of the cardinal rules of cyber security today is for organizations to apply software patches and updates on a regular and timely basis. However, this can go unnoticed and leave your system vulnerable. Hiring a SOCaaS provider requires extra work to ensure all patches and updates are applied regularly.

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