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Health and Fitness


The rat race of cities and towns strains the body and intellect of humanity.
Yoga and Vipassana may help people achieve perfect balance even in dangerous situations at a time when discussions about stress, worry, and grief are becoming more prevalent. Through deliberate movement and meditation, yoga oversimplifies how to heal depression.

Businessmen from all around the world have taken up yoga and Vipassana as a result of the reasons. In addition to keeping his yoga practice, Rajat Khare has been working relentlessly to keep things moving forward. He regularly makes investments in AI-using businesses. In an effort to improve lifestyle and productivity, Rajat Khare utilises his Facebook page (Rajat Khare Yoga) to inform professionals, business owners, and the general public about the health advantages of yoga.

Yoga is one thing that has shone out in these frightening times. This practice has numerous positive health effects, especially when starting a new business. This age-old method boosts immunity, flexibility, weight reduction, and stress alleviation.

He asserts that yoga, while being pre-Vedic, offers several advantages in contemporary life. Business owners and entrepreneurs should embrace it, especially in these trying times.

IIT Delhi alumnus and Boundary Holding founder Rajat Khare is an experienced businessman. He has expertise in data analytics, franchising, education, government IT, and hedge funds. He practises Vipassana meditation and yoga as well.

We might at least alter our internal habits in the absence of a cure or vaccine.

The so-called phenomena has unwittingly overtaken them all, even though it appears to have less scientific backing. Over the past few decades, yoga has become far more popular than other forms of meditation.

Yoga is also seen as an Indian contribution to modern civilization, which yearns for serenity amidst a routine way of life and severe competition.

IIT Delhi alumni Rajat Khare has expanded his knowledge and career options in the areas of education, government IT, franchising, data analytics, and hedge funds. He practises yoga and Vipassana meditation.

The practise of yoga is also seen as an Indian contribution to modern civilization, which yearns for serenity amid a monotonous way of life and intense competition.

Only recently has the general public been aware of several of yoga’s health benefits. Rajat Khare, who does yoga, claims that it “brings attention, clarity, calm, and strong will to our souls.”

The average person in the current society has several challenges. Nothing beats time spent engaging in enjoyable pursuits and early yoga.
Yoga is essentially a type of physical activity intended to connect the mind and body. The art and science of keeping healthy coexist.

Rajat Khare and yogic literature claim that yoga may make a person’s consciousness merge with the Universal Consciousness. Modern scientists believe that everything in the cosmos is actually a manifestation of the same quantum firmament.
On emotional health, vipassana meditation has powerful therapeutic effects. It can alleviate both physical and emotional illness.
It makes it possible for us to see yoga’s potential.



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