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User-UnFriendly Mistakes On Website

Hello there,(website builder) I’m just a regular online surfer.

When I first come to your website, I have a positive attitude. I’m hoping you’ll be accommodating and assist me in swiftly locating what I’m looking for. For both you and me, that is the ideal circumstance. Every user-unfriendly difficulty I experience on your website, on the other hand, depletes my reservoir of goodwill. And this isn’t just a problem for me; it’s a problem for you as well. Here’s why you should seriously consider the goodwill I have for you(website builder):

The Disappointing News

It is restricted. If you treat me badly enough, my reservoir will be depleted, and I will abandon your website. But wait, there’s more… I’m not likely to return, I’ll think less of your company as a result of this encounter, and if I’m on social media, I’ll probably tweet/blog/yelp/yap/yip or otherwise chit chat about my bad experience with your firm.

The Joyful News

My reservoir can be refilled. Even if you’ve made user-unfriendly errors that have eroded my trust in you, you may restore it by doing things that make me feel like you’re looking out for my best interests.

In the field of website design, the term “user-friendly” is frequently used, and for good cause. It’s something that today’s website visitor expects when they come to your site for the first time. Any smell of unfriendliness will leave a long-lasting poor impression that will require time and effort to remove. So, why not start by ensuring that your website is user-friendly? Check check the list below to make sure you’re not making any of the following user-unfriendly errors:

1. Keeping the information I need hidden

Pricing and customer service phone numbers are the most usual items to be hidden. You’re already sending me a bad message about your prices if you don’t display your pricing information in a transparent manner. After all, there’s something to hide if you’re hiding them.

It’s the same with not disclosing direct contact information. If you don’t provide support numbers when I need them, you can bet that by the time I track you down, I’ll be much more annoyed and irritable than I was before. You don’t want to irritate me any more than I don’t want to irritate you, do you? Transparency is something you want to aim for in an internet environment full of informed and wary clients.

2. Prioritizing Your Ego Over Mine

You don’t comprehend – or care – that I’m in a hurry to get what I’m looking for on your website if you make me wait through a protracted Flash intro or wade through lines of bloated “we’re so awesome” marketing content (website builder).

3. Requesting information from me that you don’t require

Not only am I wary of demands for personal information (why do you need to know my gender? ), but I’m also suspicious of requests for financial information. What is the name of my company? Is it my birthday? We’ve just just met! ), but I’m also irritated by queries that aren’t required to complete the task at hand on your site. Why should I do business with you if you’re more interested in growing your database than creating a relationship with me?

4. Play music or video on autopilot

You can bet that more people than just me will leave if your website starts playing music or video as soon as I arrive. Here are a few reasons why your visitors do not want your fantastic video or fabulous audio file automatically playing:

After watching a DVD, they turned up the volume on their speakers to maximum.
They have ten or more tabs open in their browser at the same time and have no idea which one started playing automatically(website builder).
They have a download or bandwidth limit on their connection.
They don’t care for your fantastic video or song.
Don’t make them do it. If you give visitors the option of listening to music or watching a video, you’ll have a better chance of winning them over rather than driving them away.

5. Appearing to be smaller than you are

Your company’s image matters both online and offline. If your website is outdated, disorganized, contains broken links, or has a blog that hasn’t been updated in over a year, it’s the equivalent of showing up for a first date in sweatpants and flip-flops. You’re deleting my goodwill if you haven’t taken any attempt to make yourself presentable to me.

Contact us right away if your website is making any of these user-unfriendly blunders, or if you’re not sure how to start developing that reservoir of goodwill with your website. We’d be delighted to assist you in creating an overflowing reservoir – or refilling one that has been accidentally emptied.

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